Website Development

We understand that the Internet is a valuable tool in educating patients, and creating opportunity to add efficiency, value and profitability. A powerful presence online is essential for the survival of any practice today and Prescription PR knows what it takes to keep you on top.

Your Website is Your First Impression

With more than 50 million Americans using the Internet as their primary method of shopping for medical goods, services, and information, the Web can be your best, most dependable, ally in obtaining new patients and clients.

The fact is, not every website is created equal. Behind the visible “face” of a site, a plethora of codes, meta tags, navigational hooks, and technological bits and pieces play an enormous role in determining how many people will ever find and view the site.

The site’s visible content gives potential patients that all-important first impression of the doctor, dentist, or other practitioner operating the site. Will that impression be a positive, reassuring one of competence, knowledge and compassion? Or will it be one of grave doubt produced by poorly designed pages, broken links, lack of content, and other Web faux pas?

Website building, content creation, promotion, search-engine optimization (SEO), and site maintenance is a complex, time-consuming, techno-challenging business. It is so challenging that many agencies specializing in online healthcare marketing attempt to jam all their clients into one simplistic, template-driven, off-the-shelf cyber pigeonhole.

We don’t do that. We don’t own any cookie cutters. We understand that every medical practice has individual, unique characteristics that can only be optimally utilized with a customized medical marketing program. We know that one-size-fits-all solutions never really fit anyone.