Do I need to optimize my website for mobile?

optimize my website for mobile

Do I need to optimize my website for mobile?

It’s 2018, and for over a decade technology has advanced leaps and bounds from the first cell phones which were the size of a regular house phone to having mini-computers that fit into your pocket. Today, you don’t need to be in front of a computer screen to get information, all the information you need fits right into your hand. Now, with all these advances majority of companies depend heavily on online traffic to give them business. To keep up with the advancing technology companies now face the question do I need to optimize my website for mobile?

The two questions you might be asking yourself what is the difference between mobile-friendly websites and mobile optimized websites? And if I already have a mobile friendly website do I still need to optimize my website for mobile? A mobile-friendly website will have appeared smaller on the screen of a mobile device and might have issues with a touch screen it will function the way it was intended to. Now a mobile-optimized website will reformat itself for any smartphone or tablet, it also offers users larger buttons to navigate a company’s website, as well as having optimized pictures images. What this means for businesses is that by having an optimized mobile website they will have more digital traffic to their website because it will be easier for users to navigate

Now you’ve thought about optimizing your website for mobile now you are wondering what are the different ways to ensure your optimizing stands out from the rest.

  • Aim for Functionality- this will help your users get what they want from your site, and they will get it fast!
  • Identify Your Users- If you are a specialty site that caters to younger demographics such as teenagers and college students there’s no reason to go after users who are more interested in purchasing their first home.
  • Design for Touch- Make sure to design your site easily accessible for fingers of all shapes and sizes. The number one thing that drives away users from sites is when they go and touch something and they hit a button a button they didn’t want and are taken to a different site.

The final question you might be asking yourself do I need to optimize my website for mobile for SEO? Here are some things you should consider when mobilizing your website for SEO.

  • Page Speed
  • Optimize for Local Search
  • Don’t Block JavaScript, CSS, or images

Now that you’ve seen all the pros of optimizing your website for mobile is it really worth not having it done and the answer is no!


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