Reputation Management

When you run a healthcare practice, patient feedback is essential for both attracting new patients and getting the information you need to improve and provide better services. When people can leave reviews of your practice on public website, there is a risk that someone will leave an unflattering or unfair comment. This is where healthcare reputation management comes in.

What’s the problem?

Many of the healthcare review sites rank on the first page of search engines. This means if someone searches for a physician’s name and the term “review” they will likely be greeted with results from one of these review sites. If you have negative reviews or comments on these sites, this could seriously impact your new patient acquisition.

Healthcare reputation management makes it easier to keep track of who is saying what about your practice so you can deal with negative comments in a proactive way. When you let hits to your reputation linger, you can’t imagine the impact they have on your patient acquisition and retention.

While negative reviews are inevitable to some extent, the goal is to reduce the influence they have on your reputation. By building up a good selection of flattering reviews from your real patients and increasing the impact these reviews have, it will improve how your practice is perceived online. And since that’s how most people find new practitioners these days, that part is really important.