Are your patients leaving you reviews?

Are your patients leaving you reviews?

There are several benefits to having many reviews:

  • Motivates prospective patients to book appointments – Over 80% of service seekers will examine reviews prior to making an appointment.
  • Asserts to current patients why they should continue seeking care with your office – People love to praise businesses that they not only enjoy but their peers enjoy. Add positivity to your practice’s brand by building loyalty.
  • Improves your visibility online – The more reviews your practice has the better your practice will be found on Google’s algorithm.
  • Protects your practice’s overall rating from one-off negative reviews – Negative ratings will happen. By insulating your practice from an occasional 1 or 2-star review with a multitude of 4 and 5-stars, your overall star rating will not be as affected.

But how can I get my happy patients to leave a review?

In short, you have to ask!

There are many effective ways to ask your patients for feedback. See below for some great ways.

  1. Traditional Print – Work with your front desk staff and your marketing team/website manager in order to direct patients to leave reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and more! One popular method we help practice’s implement is via a simple card design that thanks the patient and directs them to a hidden page on your website. This hidden page will list the review sites you would like patients to leave reviews on with further instructions. You will want to give these to patients who are happy with your practice.
  2. E-Blasts – An even more effective way to reach patients is to set up an email autoresponder where new patient email addresses added will be asked to rate your practice. This e-blast will ask patients to rate your practice, directing patients high-rating reviewers to go to pages like Google and Yelp and low-rating reviewers to submit feedback via a website contact form. Want to implement this but unsure how? Contact us to learn more about our reputation management programs today!
  3. Social Media – Have an engaging audience on social media? Why don’t you ask them to leave you a review? Sharing testimonials from other patients and asking more patients to leave a review helps to build a community and garner more reviews. For optimal effect make sure your staff is promoting your social media channels so that your actual patients are seeing your request!
  4. Video Testimonials – Have a really positive relationship with a patient? Ask them if they would be apart of a video testimonial for your website, social media, and/or YouTube! Video testimonials are a powerful tool for prospective patients to get familiarized with your practice building credibility to your reviewers.

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