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Here at Prescription PR, a New York-based healthcare marketing company, we understand the challenges & complexities healthcare providers face in retaining their patient population and reaching new ones. In competitive markets, patients have a multitude of options when selecting a provider or medical service for their needs.

To succeed, you must compete with custom-tailored solutions designed by expert marketing professionals specializing in healthcare.

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With 3 locations

Organic Traffic: +683%

Appointment Requests +61%

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Physical Therapist

With 7 locations

Organic Traffic: +64% 

Appointment Requests: +107%

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With 1 location

Organic Traffic: +831%   

Appointment Requests: +59%

Our Services

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Search Engine Optimization

One of the best ways to make sure your practice remains successful is to increase your website’s ranking on search engines organically and through pay-per-click advertising. Prescription PR has numerous methods of SEM best practices to increase website viewability and traffic. As the digital age in today’s society continues, an online presence can make or break a practice. Don’t fall behind the curve.

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Social Media

Having a presence within various social media platforms will allow you to interact with past and future patients in real-time. Building relationships and increasing the trust in your practice is one of the essential steps in filing your waiting rooms with patients. Prescription PR will create and manage social media accounts on your desired platforms to make sure you’re reaching as many patients as possible.

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Reputation Management

A positive doctor-patient relationship is a key driver in the perception of your practice. Good reviews left on websites such as Google+ or Yelp will increase the interest of others in your services. However, a negative review (even if the situation was out of your control) can have potential patients steering clear of your office. Prescription PR offers reputation management services to ensure positive reviews are left and to help create responses for the rare negative ones.

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Physician Liaison

A growing position in the healthcare field, Physician Liaisons play a vital role in the success of your practice. As a busy professional, it can be near impossible to fit time in your schedule to build relationships with potential referring physicians. Prescription PR can do this on your behalf. Our liaison specialists are experts in cultivating the relationships necessary to have referring doctors send patients your way.

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Website Development

Though an expert in the medical field, you may be a novice when it comes to building a website. Having a slick website, filled with content, and easy to use will help increase the likelihood of you landing on the first page of a search engine. It may also be the first impression potential patients have of your practice. Let our team of expert web designers build a website that reflects your practice's high standards.

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Newsletter Marketing

Newsletter Marketing is a tried and proven method of digital marketing. Emailing past and current patients with updates to your practice is a great way to keep them engaged and focused on your services. Sending out monthly or quarterly updates is the perfect way to increase traffic to your website!

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Healthcare Marketing Consultant

Prescription PR offers high-quality marketing consulting to help ensure your practice thrives. We’ll evaluate your current marketing strategy, or lack thereof, and inform you of which of our services to implement to become successful. Our services include website development, SEO, content creation, social media, reputation management, and much more. With the help of our consultations, you’ll be able to guarantee that your marketing strategy is second to none.

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And More!

Prescription PR is committed to helping your practice reach its full potential and offers a range of services to do so. Services such as public relations, graphic design, content creation, and marketing consultations are necessary for a growing practice to succeed. We can seamlessly implement all of these services (and any more you find you need) into a successful digital marketing strategy to allow your practice to thrive.

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