Social Media

Social Media

Having a presence on social media will allow you to interact with past and future patients in real-time. Building relationships and increasing the trust in your practice is one of the essential steps in filing your waiting rooms with patients.

Social media platforms are chock full of patients just waiting to be reached by your services. Internet users are now spending upwards of 2 hours and 20 minutes each day on social media, leaving ample time for them to interact with your practice. To successfully incorporate social media into your healthcare marketing strategy, Prescription PR will:

  • Strategize posts on various platforms linking back to your practice’s website as well as provide industry-specific informative content.
  • Engage with applicable accounts to increase your follower amount.
  • Schedule posts to be sent out at times where they will receive the most traffic.
  • Highlight information such as changes to your location or expansion of your services.
  • Build meaningful relationships.

Social media is always changing, which means your strategies on these platforms should as well. Prescription PR will stay ahead of all the current social media trends, and keep your accounts active and engaged.

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