Reputation Management

Reputation Management

A positive doctor-patient relationship is a key driver in the perception of your practice. Good reviews left on websites such as Google+ or Yelp will increase the interest of others in your services. However, a negative review (even if the situation was out of your control) can have potential patients steering clear of your office.

Referring doctors can also see reviews left online for your practice. The last thing you want is to have your reputation be damaged within the healthcare community, as a loss of referrals will significantly hurt. To make sure your reputation remains at the highest standard, Prescription PR will embark on the following:

  • Monitor review sites and report the responses back to you.
  • Draft HIPAA-compliant and professional responses to patients that left negative reviews.
  • Encourage past patients to leave positive responses.
  • Assist with the creation of post-appointment satisfaction surveys to show which areas of your practice can be improved.

With a field as reputation based as healthcare, you must have the right team in your corner. Let Prescription PR offer our reputation management services so we can increase your positive reviews and handle the rare negative ones.

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