How To Leave Google Reviews via Google Maps

how to leave a Google review

How To Leave Google Reviews via Google Maps

There is nothing more convenient than being able to view a practice’s location, phone number, hours, and reviews all in one place. For this reason, Google reviews are one of the most popular forms of feedback. Users searching for a service will more than likely Google a business, look at the star ratings, and read the top few reviews. Google reviews are a powerful tool for any business. Receiving positive reviews of your business signals credibility to potential patients. At Prescription PR, we offer reputation management to help you manage your online reviews to help you increase your positive branding. 

How To Leave A Google Review

Google is the most popular search engine for a reason. Google can provide you with an answer to nearly any question. As a practice, collecting Google reviews is crucial. You might have left a review from your mobile browser in the past, but did you know that leaving reviews this way is no longer an option? Your business can still receive reviews from patients using the Google Maps mobile app. Here’s how to leave a Google review using Google Maps:

  • Download the Google Maps mobile app from the app store. If you use an android, the app should already be on your phone. 
  • Sign in to your Google+ account. Open the Maps app. 
  • Enter the practice name and city into the search bar. It’s important to note that Google will not accept too many reviews from the same location. You can use this opportunity at your office to guide your patients through the review process, but suggest that they submit their review from home. 
  • Select the practice you want to review and click “rate and review” at the bottom of the Google listing. 
  • Write your review and publish! 

As a practice owner, it’s crucial to understand the importance of Google reviews for your business. Next time a patient visits your practice, show them this guide on how to leave a Google review. 

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Now that you know more about how to leave a Google review, you can start thinking about ways you can collect more positive reviews from your patients. At Prescription PR, we provide reputation management services to help increase your positive reviews to ensure that your reputation remains at a high standard. Contact us today to learn more! 

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