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Here at Prescription PR, a New York-based physician reputation management marketing company, we understand the challenges & complexities healthcare providers face in retaining their patient population and reaching new ones. In competitive markets, patients have a multitude of options when selecting a provider or medical service for their needs.

To succeed, you must compete with custom-tailored solutions designed by expert marketing professionals specializing in healthcare.

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What is Physician Reputation Management?

A positive doctor-patient relationship is a key driver in the perception of your practice. Good reviews left on websites such as Google+ or Yelp will increase the interest of others in your services. However, a negative review (even if the situation was out of your control) can have potential patients steering clear of your office.

Referring doctors can also see reviews left online for your practice. The last thing you want is to have your reputation be damaged within the healthcare community, as a loss of referrals will significantly hurt. To make sure your reputation remains at the highest standard, Prescription PR will embark on the following:

  • Monitor review sites and report the responses back to you.
  • Draft HIPAA-compliant and professional responses to patients that left negative reviews.
  • Encourage past patients to leave positive responses.
  • Assist with the creation of post-appointment satisfaction surveys to show which areas of your practice can be improved.

With a field as reputation based as healthcare, you must have the right team in your corner. Let Prescription PR offer our physician reputation management services so we can increase your positive reviews and handle the rare negative ones.

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Recent Posts 

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Online reviews have become a part of all different types of services and products. It is no surprise that patients also use online reviews to assess potential healthcare providers as well. These reviews will affect your image and reputation and ultimately affect your bottom line. A large portion of Americans say that online reviews affect their choice when choosing physicians. Since these reviews can deeply affect the digital presence of any healthcare provider, online reviews have become an integral part of any healthcare marketing strategy focused on physician reputation management. Reach out to us at Prescription PR and see how we can help manage your online reputation and improve your healthcare marketing strategy.


People post online reviews about products or services like restaurants to outline their experience, and if positive might even recommend it to others. In the same idea, patients leave reviews of healthcare providers they experience. These can be positive or negative, with positive reviews outlining a great experience, stay, help, and/or cleanliness. These positive reviews help spread a positive image of your practice and improve your reputation; the patient might even recommend your offices to other patients.

Patients who have a less pleasurable experience at your office might instead leave a negative review. But the point of online reviews isn’t to increase stress levels for physicians and healthcare offices. The idea is that these negative reviews can be honest and constructive feedback points from patients. The healthcare providers can then improve the areas addressed in the reviews to create a better experience for their patients, leading to higher patient satisfaction and more positive reviews, which reflect the healthcare office’s service and their improvements. Then this turnaround leads to more patients for the healthcare provider, resulting in a better situation for both patients and physicians. For an in-depth healthcare marketing strategy focused on physician reputation management that can use online reviews to improve your online presence, contact us at Prescription PR.


Receiving a bad review does not spell demise for your practice. A bad review can happen for any of numerous reasons. The best way to optimize online reviews and remove the worry of a bad review affecting your practice is to ask more patients to leave a review. Not all patients think to leave a review after visiting an office, so ask patients to leave a review when you can. One tool that can help is a healthy patient platform or any end-to-end tool that lets healthcare providers communicate with patients. By having a larger sample size, those few offshoot negative reviews lose their impact and relevance to your service.

While online reviews can be intimidating, in the end, proper use of tools like online reputation management can be a huge boon to a physician’s practice. With our world becoming more fast-paced and online driven, you can’t shy away from online reviews, marketing, and reputation-building. Reach out to us at Prescription PR to take advantage of all the tools digital marketing offers for your practice, and create a healthcare marketing strategy focused on physician reputation management that will boost your business.

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Asking your patients for testimonials can feel awkward, but it can benefit you and your practice in the long-term. Testimonials are a way of establishing credibility and trust with prospective patients. Whether it’s in a written or video format, they have many benefits that can help your practice grow! At Prescription PR, we can help turn your patient testimonials into a successful healthcare digital marketing technique for physician reputation management!


At first, it can be difficult to obtain testimonials from your clients or patients. You should keep in mind that when you ask your valued clients to give a testimonial, they may feel honored and well appreciated. It increases the bond between you and your patient, which will increase their loyalty to your practice. Loyal patients will often refer you to others. It builds trust because your satisfied patients will then tell prospective patients how great of a doctor you are, so you don’t have to!


When it comes to social media marketing, you’re not going to always want to post a sales pitch, or in this case, promote a pitch for your practice. While this is okay on some occasions, the prospective client would much rather see a testimonial from a current patient. When you have a satisfied patient, they will most likely tweet about it or write on your practice’s Facebook page. This form of healthcare digital marketing is great word-of-mouth buzz for physician reputation management! You can even dedicate an entire page on your website to your patient testimonials!


Not only do testimonials provide a good word for you and your practice, but they also give great ideas for potential blog topics. Why not quote the testimonial and, with your patient’s permission, go into detail about why it was such a successful experience. Not only will it be effective for search engine optimization, but it will also allow potential customers to read through a blog that is basically bragging about your practice!

Utilizing testimonials is a great method of healthcare digital marketing for physician reputation management! Your most valued patients sharing their wonderful experiences with you can allow even more patients to appreciate your work. Let our team at Prescription PR do the work for you while you focus on getting those testimonials. Contact us today!

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Maintaining a good reputation for a business is essential, whether it’s for a medical practice or a clothing company. In today’s modern world, it’s become even more important to know what your clients are saying about your practice. With everyone using the internet to look for healthcare providers, making sure you have good feedback on review sites is crucial to gain new patients. Having a good reputation will help allow your business to grow without anyone thinking twice about how good you really are. Seeking out New York digital healthcare marketing services here at Prescription PR will help you earn positive reviews needed to keep and gain patients, while alleviating any negative reviews that occur.

The Importance of Reviews

Online reviews can create a big influence on SEO or search engine optimization for your practice. Patients place great value on online reviews when making the decision of using a practice or not. A practice that makes the most effort to have a good online reputation will have an increasing SEO visibility. Good reviews can also increase your trust and credibility. Once existing customers trust the company, they will then reach out and tell others about the practice, whether it be in person or online. This form of word-of-mouth marketing is huge when gaining new and loyal patients. If you need help gaining good reviews, schedule a consultation with an experienced New York healthcare digital marketing company, Prescription PR, today.

When people leave reviews about a practice, there is always a risk that some of the reviews could be negative or low. This is not good for a business because when searching for a healthcare provider’s name or practice, the top sites that appear are usually review sites. Having negative reviews surface when a potential patient searches you could impact your flow of new customers. People will not want to utilize your services if they see negative comments.

This is where New York digital healthcare marketing comes into play. Keeping track of reviews, both good and bad, and coming up with the proper responses is impediment in order to sustain a good reputation online.  Unfortunately, there is no way to stop people from leaving bad reviews, but the goal is to assure that they do not influence how people view your practice. With our reputation management strategies here at Prescription PR, we can help you stay up-to-date on all your reviews, provide solutions for negative reviews, and keep your practices reputation in good standing.

Receiving assistance in reputation management from New York healthcare digital marketing, such as Prescription PR, will help you to gain the good reputation you need. At Prescription PR, we establish various amounts of positive reviews from real patients and increase the influence they have on the practice so that the small number of negative reviews does not overshadow the good ones.

Visit a New York healthcare digital marketing company for all your reputation management needs!

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It takes many years of knowledge and discipline to launch a successful medical practice.  After spending so much time in classrooms and clinical settings honing your craft, there was likely little time to learn about a marketing strategy.  Although this can be the furthest thing from people’s minds when starting a practice, having a sound healthcare marketing strategy will help keep your waiting room filled.  At Prescription PR, our team of marketing experts would love to help you achieve this.



The first reason you should put a focus on creating a healthcare marketing plan is that it will allow you to reach your target audience with your message.  Having a well-equipped practice with a knowledgeable staff will mean nothing if the people who need treatment don’t know about it.  Our experts can be sure your message is received by utilizing the below:

  • Blogs and backend content pieces.
  • Social media posts.
  • E-blasts and newsletter.
  • Video production.
  • Physician Reputation Management.



While our healthcare marketing efforts can be utilized to reach individuals in need of care,  we also understand the importance of creating a network of referral partners.  Under normal circumstances, our team at Prescription PR offers a physician liaison program where our communication experts travel to medical offices on your behalf to help gain referrals.  Due to COVID-19, this has changed a bit, but we can still get the referrals you need.  Through phone calls, e-blasts, and mailing updated marketing materials, we provide potential partners with the information needed to get them interested in your practice.  We’ll also work to schedule phone and video conference meetings to fit your schedule.



One final method of healthcare marketing we’d like to call out involves creating or updating your website.  Even when social distancing orders aren’t in place, your website will act as a first impression for many people.  Our website designers can create a vibrant and user-friendly website that will not only get people interested in your practice but will also help increase your search engine ranking.



Healthcare marketing is one of the most important things that will keep your practice in business.  While you may not be well versed in this field, our team at Prescription PR is.  To learn more about the importance of marketing, and how we can help, contact us today.

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