What To Do With Negative Reviews

What To Do With Negative Reviews

It’s always nice to hear positive feedback and reviews from your patients. They can even be a big help when it comes to drawing in new patients and establishing a notable reputation.  However, it can be anxiety-inducing to receive a bad review that’s open for the public to see. Bad reviews can be about nearly anything, from bad-mouthing the staff, complaints about the long wait, to the location of your practice not being optimal. This may sound like a business’ worst nightmare but doesn’t have to be! Even if you do get a negative review, what truly matters is what you choose to do with that negative review.  When it comes to doctor marketing and handling any bad reviews, Prescription PR can help you turn your negative review into a positive!  Our staff can help implement a variety of marketing and public relations strategies to help promote and manage your practice’s brand and ensure that no bad review is left unattended to.  

What to do if You Notice You Received a Negative Review:

  • Remember not all reviews are going to be perfect – It is impossible to have a practice that has only 5-star reviews and 100% ratings across all reviewing platforms.  The good thing is, having a couple of not-so-perfect reviews adds authenticity. It makes the reviews seem more credible and that real people are taking the time to write reviews about your practice, and not just you and your family.
  • Always respond – Always make sure to respond to those negative reviews! Show the individual that you care about what your patients think about your practice and what they had to say about their experiences.  Make them feel heard and tell them how the problem they addressed can be resolved.
  • Respond quickly – Checking reviews regularly is important to ensure that your reviews are being responded to.  Responding quickly to negative reviews also shows the individual how much you care about what they think and you want to ensure their issues are being solved.
  • Don’t just apologize – Start by acknowledging that you made a mistake, even if you don’t feel the same.  Admittance shows that you’re not simply on the defense and want to make improvements. Then apologize for any wrongdoings, and don’t argue.
  • Don’t sound like a robot – It’s beneficial to make your responses feel like a human wrote them and that they aren’t just copied and pasted.
  • The reviewer might retract their review – if you provide an appropriate response and offer a solution to any problems, the reviewer would maybe consider retracting their review.
  • Recognize when you should stop responding – If an individual is either posting a ton of bad reviews, making outrageous demands, being aggressive or inappropriate, then it’s time to stop writing back and report the comment if you feel it’s necessary.

How We Can Help:

Keeping track and promptly responding to all your reviews can be a lot of work.  At Prescription PR, we can help implement any beneficial doctor marketing strategies, and manage all the reviews of your practice so you don’t have to.  We can ensure that your negative reviews are quickly responded to, and your good reviews are highlighted and appreciated! Let us handle the doctor marketing and public relations while you focus on what you do best: taking care of your patients and running your practice.  Don’t let a negative review hurt your practice or interfere with your job. Contact us for more information on how we can help you.

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