Utilize your Patient’s Testimonials

Utilize your Patient’s Testimonials

Asking your patients for testimonials can feel awkward, but it can benefit you and your practice in the long-term. Testimonials are a way of establishing credibility and trust with prospective patients. Whether it’s in a written or video format, they have many benefits that can help your practice grow! At Prescription PR, we can help turn your patient testimonials into a successful healthcare digital marketing technique! 

Client Loyalty

At first, it can be difficult to obtain testimonials from your clients or patients. You should keep in mind that when you ask your valued clients to give a testimonial, they may feel honored and well appreciated. It increases the bond between you and your patient, which will increase their loyalty to your practice. Loyal patients will often refer you to others. It builds trust because your satisfied patients will then tell prospective patients how great of a doctor you are, so you don’t have to!

More effective than a sales pitch

When it comes to social media marketing, you’re not going to always want to post a sales pitch, or in this case, promote a pitch for your practice. While this is okay on some occasions, the prospective client would much rather see a testimonial from a current patient. When you have a satisfied patient, they will most likely tweet about it or write on your practice’s Facebook page. This form of healthcare digital marketing is great word-of-mouth buzz! You can even dedicate an entire page on your website to your patient testimonials! 

Search Engine Optimization

Not only do testimonials provide a good word for you and your practice, but they also give great ideas for potential blog topics. Why not quote the testimonial and, with your patient’s permission, go into detail about why it was such a successful experience. Not only will it be effective for search engine optimization, but it will also allow potential customers to read through a blog that is basically bragging about your practice!

Utilizing testimonials is a great method of healthcare digital marketing! Your most valued patients sharing their wonderful experiences with you can allow even more patients to appreciate your work. Let our team at Prescription PR do the work for you while you focus on getting those testimonials. Contact us today!

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