The Importance of a Mobile-Friendly Website

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A smartphone is a must-have in today’s society, from keeping up with friends, responding to emails, and even surfing the web. More than half of all online traffic is done through a mobile device. Because the usage of mobile devices has grown so much, it makes sense for your websites to be more mobile conscious. Having a mobile-friendly website is an important part of keeping your digital marketing up to date. In this post, we will discuss the importance of a mobile-friendly website. If you are a healthcare provider and want to push your digital marketing to the next level, reach out to us at Prescription PR for our cutting edge healthcare marketing techniques.

Benefits of a Mobile-Friendly Website:

Being on top of digital marketing for your company or clients can be a scramble. New marketing trends, changes in SEO algorithms, and website security are always changing, and if you don’t stay ahead of the curve you are behind your competitors. One side that you may not have thought about is mobile-friendliness. There are many benefits of being mobile-friendly, with no real drawbacks. To stay on top of digital marketing for your healthcare offices, contact us at Prescription PR and see how we can help you with our healthcare marketing techniques.

Search engines:

Search engines like google show websites that are mobile-friendly higher in the results page, meaning they have a higher SERP rating. In 2015, Google’s algorithm changed to rank optimized websites higher than other websites.

Faster connections:

Mobile devices are used by most people for things like keeping up with friends, access social media, and surf the web. It is fast, easy, and widely used nowadays. So having a mobile-friendly website for users and consumers makes your website easier to find for a large portion of people online. It becomes easier and faster to reach a larger consumer base, and it becomes faster for consumers to access your website, products, and services.

It’s a standard best practice:

More and more websites are becoming mobile-friendly, with mobile optimization more straight forward and more accessible than ever before. Users now expect mobile functionality on websites, with effortless browsing from mobile. Furthermore, by being mobile-friendly and keeping up to this expectation you can gain credibility. When visitors and consumers have a pleasant experience on mobile devices, you are seen as a credible source of information, products, and services.

Builds reputation:

When a user or consumer comes to your website, from any device, you want their experience to be as great as you can make it. With responsive web designs, no matter how a visitor reaches your webpage, they can have a clean and effortless experience. If you can provide a good experience for them, they will reuse your website next time they need to, and they may tell other people about it, generating more visitors and building a reputation. Additionally, if a user has a good experience with your services or products digitally, they are more inclined to come into your storefront or offices as well.

Helps your business image:

Even if your services and products are great if you are viewed as archaic, old, slow, and unhelpful then consumers and clients will not want to work with you.  People would rather visit and use services and products from places they view as up to date and legitimate. Being user-friendly and easily accessible gives your business, products, and services a better image and seems more reliable.

Contact us for healthcare marketing techniques:

With the landscape of digital marketing being ever-changing and evolving, it is important to keep up to par with your websites and online presence. Being able to reach consumers’ phones and mobile devices is a key factor in this day and age. This is true for all businesses, providing any product or service. Reach out to us at Prescription PR to help us boost your online presence, become mobile-friendly, and be more accessible for consumers and patients with our healthcare marketing techniques.

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