SEO for Desktop VS SEO for Mobile


SEO for Desktop VS SEO for Mobile

When designing and promoting a website, developers must always keep search engines in mind. As each search engine utilizes different algorithms and formulas to determine the order of search results, websites must be designed to optimize their presence, and come up early in the search results. This process of tailoring a website to the search engine results is known as search engine optimization or SEO. With the rise of mobile devices becoming the public’s go-to for searching the internet, SEO for mobile devices is just as important and distinct when compared to desktop SEO. And since mobile searches utilize different algorithms compared to desktops, web page design must be planned out differently depending on the specific platform.

As mobile devices and desktops are used in different situations, the factors affecting their respective SEO successes will vary. When considering mobile devices, they have features that desktops simply lack. This may include more location-based data recordings, voice recognition features, and an overall unique utilization of search engines compared to desktop peripherals. When designing the mobile-friendly version of a website, developers must keep the following information in mind. One major difference between desktop and mobile SEO is the focus on keywords. For desktops, keywords physically typed in are generally the most important factor in the search. Since mobile devices have unique capabilities, search analysis should rely on factors such as location, and voice command. Another important decision to consider when designing a mobile site for SEO is when to use of Adobe Flash. Currently, iPhones do not support Adobe Flash, and cannot properly display websites that use this technology.

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