Should you have multiple facebook pages if you have multiple locations

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Should you have multiple facebook pages if you have multiple locations

Facebook is a huge marketing tool as you can advertise your business or services on the website and receive feedback from people as well. The question that has come up, however, is if you need multiple pages, especially if you as a business have several locations? While it really depends on your personal preference, but there are many reasons for having multiple pages, as well as there being downsides too.

First off, if you are a single person who is not operating a business, you do not need to have more than one facebook page period. If you have a business or hobby where you could sell some things on the side, you can use one page for personal and friends and family and the other for the hobby (e.g.: a woodcarving hobby page where you could sell statues, carvings, etc.). If you are a business with several locations across the state or country, you could use multiple pages to deliver more localized content to the people and potential customers of that area. One page can be for sales at one set location, or offer varying merchandise, which you can include on the facebook page.

There is a downside, however, if you have upwards of ten facebook pages. Who is running them all? With multiple pages comes more work, and the people in charge of the business have to decide if they themselves will run the pages or take a few each amongst staff or hire outside of the business. A social media manager’s job would be to run the pages and make sure there is diverse content on each page and not just the same information copied over and over. The pages all need to be up to professional standards, and if you are not able to run quality pages, maybe consider removing a few, or have people focus more time on individual pages. There’s no point in having multiple facebook pages if only one of them is working properly.

If you are a large business and have franchises of your brand, you can have individual pages for those franchises while also having a main page. There are some businesses that will even have pages for different divisions of their company, such as Pepsi having separate pages for their Diet Pepsi brand. Warner Brothers has a page for their feature division as well as a page for animation and television.

As a business, you should take a look at your company and brand and see if it’s necessary to create multiple facebook pages and see where you can make these separate pages. What divisions are unique and different enough to warrant a separate page with information solely on that division? Once you decide if you need multiple pages, then you can determine how to fill them with information that your potential customers or fans want to hear about.

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