LinkedIn is the professional-serious social media for physicians.

LinkedIn is the professional-serious social media for physicians.

The LinkedIn groups feature might just be the best online professional forum for the conversation of healthcare and marketing ideas, material and common-interest networks. Today, LinkedIn is the third most-popular social media site (following Facebook and Twitter), with a current roll call of about 225 million users, and over 1.2 million groups. LinkedIn presents many opportunities to connect with other like-minded medical professionals and potential patients seeking information about health care, while also giving your practice a platform to market its services to the right audiences. The time is now to tap into this social platform by building credibility for your medical expertise and spreading the word about your practice. LinkedIn Groups provide a platform for professionals in the same industry or with similar interests to exchange content, post and view jobs, make business contacts, find answers,  and establish themselves as industry experts.

Here is our list of top LinkedIn groups for healthcare professionals and physicians to join.

Forum for Healthcare Strategists

Health Care Communication News

Health Care Marketing Network

Healthcare Executive US

Healthcare Executives Network

Healthcare Intelligence Hub

Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare Marketing & PR Professionals

Healthcare Marketing Network

Healthcare Marketing, Communications and Education Professionals

Healthcare Patient/Customer Satisfaction

Healthcare Sales & Marketing

Hospital Marketing and Advertising

Hospital Sales & Marketing Professionals

HPRMA – The Healthcare Public Relations and Marketing Association

Medical Marketing & Communications Group

Medical Marketing Network

Medical Practice Management

Medical/Healthcare Communications, Education, Advertising & Marketing Professionals

Professional Healthcare Marketers

Social Marketing in Healthcare

Social Media Health Care Marketing

Social Media Marketing for the Health Care Field

Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development

The Healthcare Marketing Community

Physician Liaisons, Physicians Relations & Practice Representatives

Physician Relation Strategies

Physician Relationship Management Group

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