Tracking Effectiveness of Your Marketing Plan

Tracking Effectiveness of Your Marketing Plan

No matter the marketing method or methods your practice is utilizing, from online ads to radio, you should be aware of the results these means of advertising are yielding your business. In whatever decision you’re making regarding marketing there are ways to track your ROI, or return on investment. Here are some ways how:

Every outside interaction your business has should positively reflect your staff and practice, this can be something as basic as answering an incoming phone call. An inbound phone call could be a potential patient and or possibly a new referral source, which is the lifeblood of your business. Email should hold more significance to your staff than purging a full inbox, as email is a primary method of outreach for new patients. To ensure you are keeping your outside relations as positive as possible, reiterate appropriate methods to your staff and emphasize the importance of these vessels of communication.

Some more ways to increase the value of these methods and overcome objections from your staff are:

  • Increase incentive by compensating them with every converted new patient appointment.

  • Train them to understand their benefits; such as job security, potential for professional growth, financial security for them and their employer.

  • Utilize digital resources for tracking for convenience and efficiency

When interacting with potential clients and referral sources, remember to listen to their needs and ask open ended questions. If you are trying to gauge the effectiveness of a new online advertising, there are a few questions you can easily tap into a conversation with a caller:

  1. How did you hear about us?

  2. Where did you see our advertisement?

  3. What was it about the ad that encouraged you to contact us?

To keep track of these observations, create a log, excel spreadsheet or notebook with the patients name, phone number and response. There are even programs available that can record phone conversations that can be saved in your database, this can be valuable for tracking ROI as well as ensuring your staff is providing your standard of customer service.



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