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Medical Marketing SEO

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What is Medical Marketing SEO?

Search engine optimization is not a new term in the world of online marketing. The goal of SEO is to get as much traffic onto your website as possible. Search engine optimization can also translate to Google rankings. Unfortunately, statistics show that the 2nd page of Google is very rarely viewed. For a successful practice, your website really needs to make the first page, and the higher on the page, the better. Similarly to the 2nd page of Google, other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Ask.com are also raking in very low percentages of searches. People primarily go to Google first and stop at the bottom of the first page.

Almost all healthcare marketing is going digital; it is competitive and imperative that your online marketing is keeping up. Although search engine optimization is very important, the content of a page is also crucial. For healthcare marketing specifically, if your page is not in the first few Google results, your patients are missing you, and you’re missing valuable business from them.

Look into creating or re-vamping your practice’s online marketing plan. Going digital is crucial and doing it right is just as important. Don’t limit your business with low search engine rankings. Talk to a marketing firm or update your website in-house to get the best results you possibly can online. The possibilities are limitless if you put the effort in.

For more information about how Prescription PR can help your healthcare practice please call (631) 392-4255.

Local SEO

PPR October Social Media Images 10 300x300 - Medical Marketing SEO - uncategorized, googleLocal SEO, or local search engine marketing, is the practice of using SEO to target specific areas or local areas that you provide your services or goods in. A large portion of search queries for services and goods include a local factor or have local intent. An example of this would be a person looking for a podiatrist. If the potential patient just typed in “podiatrist” into a search engine, they could get results that range in area or specialty. However, if they searched “podiatrist near me” then the search engine will try to give results in nearby areas of the person. So as a service provider or business, you can use local SEO to show search engines where you are located, and show up in the local people’s searches. If you want to boost your online presence, especially in the local communities you work in, reach out to us at Prescription PR and make use of our healthcare marketing techniques today!

The benefits of local Medical Marketing SEO:

SEO has become an important part of marketing strategies for most businesses in the current age. Boosting your online presence is an important part of modern marketing, but competing against large entities (such as Walmart) can be overwhelming and difficult. However, with the use of the right marketing techniques, you can gain a great boon to your businesses and practices. Contact us at Prescription PR so we can use our healthcare marketing techniques to give you the competitive edge you need on your online marketing. One of the marketing techniques that can give you the edge is local SEO targeting. 

The main benefit of local SEO is being able to connect with people in your local communities. Instead of random businesses and healthcare offices appearing in peoples’ search results, they would rather have local options shown and are more eager and able to use local services. With the use of proper local SEO, you gain a stronger online presence in your local niche searches. Local SEO also lets you rank higher when someone is searching for the services you provide if you are in the area. People, such as patients, like to use local services and healthcare providers. This increase in local niche web presence allows more people that are in your area to see your business and services when they need it most, leading to more calls, appointments, and patients. Being in the same area as the patient also gives you more repeated visits if the person needs more services that you provide, giving you repeated business. Additionally, using local SEO will increase your overall website traffic and, with local community content, increase your local community outreach.

What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO copywriting is a form of online writing that helps you to target audiences, rank higher on search engines, and increases traffic to your website. The main difference between Medical Marketing for SEO copywriting and regular copywriting is the use of keywords. Keywords are used to search for various topics on Google. By using the most popular keyword your article will become more visible throughout Google searches. While anyone can add in keywords, it’s important that your article is trustworthy. You can do this by making it reader-friendly while also answering the questions they have. Although SEO copywriting is beneficial for all businesses, the healthcare field is a place when it can make a huge difference. By adding SEO copywriting to medical marketing tactics you’ll be able to bring in more patients and qualified leads to your practice. In recent years, studies have shown that this technique has a greater return on investment than traditional marketing techniques.

What are the benefits of SEO copywriting?

Untitled design 3 300x200 - Medical Marketing SEO - uncategorized, googleIncorporating SEO copywriting into your practices medical marketing technique is extremely beneficial. When done by a professional marketing team, SEO can add tremendous value to your practice. Here are just a few of the benefits of seeking professional SEO copywriting help:

  • Target content for the valuable keywords that help to bring in new patients
  • It allows you to provide the most cutting-edge content
  • Increases the value of your content
  • It’s an organic form of marketing
  • Enhances your page focus

Where can I find medical marketing services that specialize in SEO?

Have you been looking for a marketing team to provide top quality SEO copywriting to your website? Well, Prescription PR is here to help. We are a marketing firm that specializes in SEO content for healthcare practices. With our proven marketing techniques, we’ve been able to work with our clients to drive traffic to their websites. Our optimization process incorporates the following Medical Marketing for SEO methods:

  • Content
  • User Experience
  • Tags
  • Keywords
  • Social Media

With the help of Prescription PR, your practice will benefit from our medical marketing expertise. So don’t wait to work on your Medical Marketing for SEO, stay competitive by contacting us today! Visit our website for more information on our services and how you can get in touch with us.

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