Does Your Website Have The Right Keywords?

Does Your Website Have The Right Keywords?

You own a practice that provides medical services in your town and the surrounding communities. Great! Your keywords should only be focused on these search terms. WRONG! Although location-based keywords are integral to local search engine optimization (SEO), they are only one piece of the puzzle. At Prescription PR, we utilize healthcare marketing techniques in order to help you increase your number of patient appointments. Whether it’s targeting new patients, marketing to existing patients, or physician referral sources, we have all of your healthcare marketing techniques covered!

Keywords As A Healthcare Marketing Technique

At the core of Search Engine Optimization is content. Whether it’s content on your website or content referring to your brand on other websites, the only way to rank is through words on the page. But, which words? And, how?

For Local SEO, your ideal search queries are coming from patients looking for your services in your area which can easily translate to new patient leads. Depending on the competitiveness of your area, however, this is no simple task. Especially if your competition has hired Search Engine Optimization experts like us here at Prescription PR. SEO takes time and effort that many physicians and their administrative staff simply cannot fit into their schedule.

Although there is a lot more that goes into SEO aside from what will be discussed here, when selecting keywords, keeping in mind not only your location-based keywords such as “Physical therapy in Town USA” or “Ankle Sprain treatment in Town USA”, but also semantic search terms like “What Causes An Ankle Sprain?” “When Should I See A Physical Therapist?” Although broad, the search traffic generated from these searches, helps to bolster your local SEO efforts leading to a well-rounded campaign.

Doing your semantic keyword research is not difficult but is time-consuming as platforms like Google AdWords, Google Trends, and even Google’s Autofill feature provides a lot of insight into what people are searching for and why. This is just one small healthcare marketing technique, in relation to SEO.

Search Engine Optimization Is A Lot Of Work

Find this information overwhelming. Do not worry! At Prescription PR, we are experts in the field of Search Engine Optimization. See how we can help improve your online visibility today!

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