Mobile Healthcare Marketing

Mobile Healthcare Marketing

It’s no secret that the present and future are going mobile in every way. This on-the-go trend and today’s way of life is only gaining popularity as more and more organizations and companies find a way to make their goods and services known through mobile portals such as smartphones.

           Messages sent to mobile devices are meant to be immediate, precise and direct. These are short sweet notifications that are easily read while your consumer is food shopping, running around the office, or schlepping their kids to soccer practice. Your messages are with them whenever and wherever they go. This constant attachment to your consumer is a privilege that they give you and permission to contact them is very important and should never be abused.

With that being said, healthcare marketing in particular is increasingly on the rise. Patients find comfort in being able to directly communicate with their healthcare provider and visa versa. Becoming even more common are appointment reminders via email that go directly to your patient’s pocket. Also, apps, like the Apple iPhone health app let patients make reminders for medications, appointments, and any other healthcare needs.

Having your messages in the palm of your patients’ hands is essential. Doctors and especially large practices need to take advantage of the growing trend by making themselves available online in as many ways as possible. This may mean social media accounts such as  Facebook, twitter, and yelp. Of course when looking for healthcare professionals, recommendations are most common via word of mouth. A practice’s reputation is extremely influential and by creating an account on a reputation site specifically for healthcare like, health grades or vitals, you can get the extra boost and keep you in line or to help you surpass the competition.

If your practice is not going mobile there is a great percentage of patients being missed Most of these sites are free and should render great returns for your business. Don’t be locked out in the cold this winter, heat your practice up with new or refurbished online sources for your patients and stay connected!

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