How to use wellness services to get more patients

How to use wellness services to get more patients

How to use wellness services to get more patients

What is wellness?

According to The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) wellness is “a multidimensional state of being describing the existence of positive health in an individual as exemplified by quality of life and a sense of wellbeing.”  Use this definition as a starting point, but not necessarily the rule.

Every practice is unique and you should aim to provide wellness services that you feel passionate about and fulfill a need your local area. Interpret wellness to mean what you believe in and commit to it.

Wellness services can include spa services like massage and acupuncture, weight loss programs, fitness classes, yoga, meditation, nutrition and supplement consulting. If you are a chiropractor, the International Chiropractors Association also has a certification program to become a wellness provider.

Why is offering wellness services important?

  • Higher patient retention
    • The more quality time you spend with your patients, the more likely they are to stay dedicated to coming back.
    • Consider giving your patients a health questionnaire during an appointment. By being an inquisitive caregiver you can find out what services your current patient base would find beneficial.
  • Increases your practice’s marketability
    • The amount of time you spend with current patients will also affect their likelihood to refer other potential clients to you. Be attentive and make them feel like they are being catered to!
    • More consistent revenue – On top of bringing more great services to your patients, wellness services can often be coded as preventative healthcare through insurances. Even if they are not, offering wellness services as cash pay options allows your practice to keep revenue within your practice rather than referring your patients to find pay for services elsewhere.

How to get more patients?

    • Focus on your current SEO and Social Media strategies. These affect how successful your online presence is at bringing in new business. Not sure where to start? Prescription PR is well versed in managing these areas.
    • Obtain referrals from established professionals. Networking is powerful, this method can be highly effective at getting new patients already well aligned with how you run your practice.
    • Engage in community events like health and wellness fairs so your name stays prominent in your current and prospective patients’ minds.
    • Offer classes or seminars that focus on different service lines, ranging from women’s health classes and expectant mother programs to eye safety and support groups.”

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