November Healthcare Observances

November Healthcare Observances

Each month, a few healthcare observances bring light to various medical conditions and the doctors who treat them. During November, we attempt to bring awareness to many different health issues and medical professionals, like diabetes, bladder health, lung cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, home and hospice care professionals, family caregivers, and quite a few more. Because it is important to enlighten others about these topics, physicians like to use doctor marketing to spread awareness about these observances, either through blog posts or social media content. 


While there is a huge list of observances in November, some major ones that stick out include Diabetes Awareness, Lung Cancer Awareness, Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness, along with personnel observances like Home and Hospice Care and Family Caregivers. The main purpose of creating awareness for medical conditions, like diabetes, lung cancer, and Alzheimer’s, is to shed light on the causes and symptoms and to shout out the medical professionals who are trained to help you, like physicians, surgeons, and physical therapists. The more people who know about the causes and symptoms, the more people who can spot potential medical conditions and get help before the condition becomes too serious. Healthcare observances for personnel, like Home and Hospice care and family caregivers, create an awareness of the many people it takes to care for the sick and what they go through to help those in need. 

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With the use of doctor marketing and search engine optimization tactics, medical practices can spread the word about monthly observances to a greater amount of people than with traditional marketing. Through writing blogs and creating informative social media content on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, physicians can express the importance of observances to their target audience; people that they know will be interested. Even aside from their target audience, through SEO and digital marketing, physicians can reach many more people than just those interested in their services. This creates a broader awareness of monthly observances on social media sites in general. Platforms like Instagram and Twitter target younger adults, while a platform like Facebook will get the information out to the older crowd. 

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Healthcare Observances, in any month, are extremely vital to spreading awareness about the medical conditions and personnel. While you as a practitioner may want to participate in spreading the word, doing research and creating content revolved around the various observances monthly can become too much for any physician. Prescription PR creates blog posts and social media content based on whatever you want your site to portray. We research each topic thoroughly in order to write a well-educated and enlightening blog post, whether it be about November’s Healthcare Observances, or about the services you offer at your practice. We are well-versed in SEO marketing strategies and doctor marketing which can help increase the reach of your blogs and content, creating a greater awareness of the topic, as well as, your practice. If you want to know how we can help you spread awareness about healthcare observances or if you have any questions about them, feel free to contact us today!

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