How To Create A Digital Persona For Your Practice

How To Create A Digital Persona For Your Practice

It is very important to not only establish a business persona, but also a digital-specific persona. This helps allow you to define how you want your practice to be represented across all online communication portals. A digital persona is a valuable tool for practices  because it helps assist them in learning the way of the modern media world. Utilizing a healthcare digital marketing strategy will help your practice find their patients through digital means to gain more business online. 

A digital persona is known as your practice’s “face in the media.” it’s a tool used to increase customer service and drive sales. Incorporating a persona will also help create a more user friendly website for your practice. Follow the steps below to effectively create a strong digital persona:

  • Research and analyze: Gather information, investigate your analytics, review your sales data, and collect info through surveys.
  • Dig for information on consumers: Find out your consumers likes/dislikes, their values, their needs, demographics, lifestyle, and behavior. See what they want out of your practice and what will be effective for you to use in your digital persona.
  • Product/Practice use: Consider both why your personas would be using your practice and how it would be used differently for other groups of people. 
  • Name and define your digital persona: Naming your persona will help to visualize the consumer. Separating your tends into demographic and behavioral data will help define different parts of the audience.
  • Scenarios and attitudes: Define the persona’s attitude toward the product and create scenarios that happen when the persona uses the product. 

The persona created will now help you to build and test your marketing activities. You will improve your marketing efforts by asking the question, “does this work for our digital persona?” If you need guidance when creating this digital persona, using healthcare digital marketing from Prescription PR will help you immensely. 

Prescription PR will guide you through the necessary steps, using healthcare digital marketing, in order to create a powerful digital face for all your media platforms. Healthcare digital marketing is an important strategy used to help your digital persona flourish. Visit PPR if you need help growing your practice digitally and want assistance in producing a digital persona that is beneficial for your practice.              

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