Why Doctors Need Digital Marketing

Why Doctors Need Digital Marketing

As people become more tech-savvy, they turn to the internet to answer all of their questions. From how-tos and DIYs to medical inquiries, people look for everything online, which means you should have a presence online for your target audience. When people look up their symptoms or medical questions online, they are more likely to click on and receive services from the practices that have interesting and informational digital marketing content. Here at Prescription PR, we work hard to create innovative and educational marketing content for our clients. We are determined to create a social media presence for our clients to gain more organic flow to their practice’s website. But, why do doctors even need digital marketing when we still have traditional marketing?


When we say traditional marketing, you may think of ads on buses, trains, benches, and billboards. One thing these all have in common is the location. While some companies may have ads all over the country, for the most part, traditional ads are all in the same location, whether that be in the same city or town. When ads stay in one place, they have less of a reach and may not even get to your target audience at all! Placing ads online or creating blog posts puts your content in front of more people, therefore making it easier to reach your target audience. Once you know your target audience’s roaming ground, like Facebook or Instagram, you can post more content there, which will, in turn, reach even more people than your target audience. With the internet being international, people from all around the world can click on your ad or your blog, which they would have never seen before if you just had a billboard over Interstate 90. 

Low Cost, Great Payoff:

Those billboards we were talking about before can become very pricey, very quickly. Using healthcare digital marketing is extremely affordable depending on your marketing strategy. While it may be a low cost, that doesn’t mean it’s low quality. Companies have found that they receive more engagement on their website after they started digital marketing, so while it’s a more affordable route, it doesn’t skimp out on gaining recognition for your business. 

Building Your Brand:

Healthcare digital marketing helps build a clear brand for yourself while improving your reputation among your patients. Through interesting, educational blogs, a useful website, and engaging social media interactions, your online presence will speak volumes about your physical practice and get your name out there. The use of online reviews will help establish a professional and knowledgeable reputation for yourself and your practice to people who may be looking for your medical assistance. 

Easily Measure Impact:

While you may never know how many people have looked at your billboard, apps like Instagram can show you how many people you have reached with your post. Whether you have a ton of likes and comments or nothing at all, you can see how many people physically scrolled past your post on their social media feeds, which can help you gauge how many people are truly being targeted and reached. Using this tool, you can determine what app your target audience uses most and cater to that information for future content. 

Healthcare Digital Marketing:

In the end, the most vital aspect of digital marketing is getting your business in front of many different people, some of whom are looking for your expertise. Creating a reliable persona online will help you pinpoint your target audience while building your business’ reputation. Healthcare digital marketing specifically can be difficult due to the highly competitive nature of the medical field in general, so utilizing a public relations/digital marketing company, like Prescription PR, is in your best interest to stay creative and consistent in marketing your practice. Prescription PR creates blogs and social media posts to increase your online presence while staying up to date and engaging with your community online to keep your reputation spotless. If you need help with healthcare digital marketing or want to learn more about how Prescription PR can help you, check out our website today!

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