When Is The Best Time To Post A Social Media Post?

When is the best time to post a social media post?

Having a social media presence is extremely important today. By incorporating social media into your digital marketing strategy you will be able to share important messages and information easily. Its been found that through social media marketing you will gain benefits like improved brand awareness, improved brand loyalty, healthier customer satisfaction, increased website traffic, and many more!

The question then becomes, am I guaranteed these results? Well, there are a lot of factors that go into a successful social media marketing campaign – one of those being timing. Knowing when to post can be tricky, especially because it’s different for each platform. Fortunately, our team at Prescription PR is in the business of social media integration. Our social media service can help establish online goals and objectives for your practice on a variety of different social media platforms.

Posting more on social media is the first step to increasing your presence. However, knowing when to post can be tricky due to the variety of platforms. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter tend to be the most used. Since audiences change depending on the network and industry, it’s important to have an understanding of when people are more likely to be active. For healthcare, here are the best times to post on social media platforms:


When it comes to healthcare, more and more organizations are having to increase their online presence. Since Facebook is used by all age groups, it can benefit you to learn the best times to be post. The following tips can help you reach larger audiences:

  • Friday at noon has been found to be the best time to post on Facebook for healthcare providers
  • Saturdays have been found to have the least amount of engagement for healthcare organizations
  • It’s been found that midday posting works from Sunday to Friday
    • ex): Monday at 2 pm or Wednesday from noon to 1 pm


Healthcare organizations don’t realize the opportunity Instagram has to offer. By posting on Instagram you could share inspirational pictures and videos with your followers. The following tips can help your stories be seen with as many followers as possible:

  • For healthcare organizations, the best time to post is Tuesday at 1 pm.
  • Try to post between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm from Tuesday through Friday
  • Weekends usually have the least amount of activity when it comes to healthcare accounts


Twitter allows us to engage more with followers. This can help increase communications between physicians, pharmaceuticals, or hospitals with their followers. The following tips can help you stay on top of your Twitter presence:

  • Wednesday from 11 am to 1 pm is the best time for healthcare organizations to be active
  • Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm is the best time range to be posting
  • Sunday tends to be the least active day for Twitter users when it comes to healthcare

While all this information is helpful, it could be a bit overwhelming if you aren’t using social media regularly. Also, every week is different so follow these guidelines loosely and use your best judgment. Luckily you can contact Prescription PR today to learn more about our social media services and how it can help your practice.