What do patients want in their doctor?

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What do patients want in their doctor?



When the inevitable happens and a person becomes sick, they start seeking out the best possible health care provider for immediate relief. Recent studies have shown a trend in this process and uncovered the patients’ top concerns when searching for prospective doctors. The three most popular, desirable traits that patients look for in their doctor are:

  •      Great listener – Patients want to leave the office feeling like the whole picture was painted and certainly don’t want to feel ignored. Doctors who inquire extensively about a patient’s symptoms before passing them on to another professional or self-care makes the best impression.
  •      Compassionate – This trait goes hand-in-hand with listening skills. One of the most sought-after characteristics is genuine care. Asking about a patient’s life outside of their condition (family, friends, work, etc.) makes the patient feel human as opposed to a subject of a medical program.
  •      Clear speaker – Naturally, patients are unaware of the intricacies behind their condition and can become overwhelmed with medical jargon and concepts. A great doctor translates his or her explanation for the patient’s symptoms into easier terminology and discloses the details on how the treatment will work.

These three characteristics all share an underlying theme of feeling relaxed in an uncomfortable situation. By closely listening to and accurately addressing a patient’s list of concerns, a stronger doctor-patient relationship is founded.

Providing the best patient care is an important part of the practice puzzle, but it is not the only part. Being present online for both current and prospective patients keeps the lines of communication open even after appointments are done as well as provides prospective patients an insight into your practice.

Negative reviews on websites like HealthGrades and RateMD’s without responses can seriously prevent new potential patients from making appointments. Having social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram without content or proper management also reflects poorly on your practice.

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