What is Technical SEO?

technical seo

Search engine optimization also referred to as SEO, is a marketing strategy used to help increase your online visibility. SEO is done organically, meaning it doesn’t require the help of paid advertisements. By combining technical and creative elements the main goal of SEO is to drive more traffic to your website. While the objective is to yield better search-engine results, it’s also important to make your website user-friendly for patients as well. This is why having the help of someone who understands SEO can be extremely beneficial. Luckily, Prescription PR offers SEO services to healthcare practices looking to get on top of their marketing game.

Technical SEO:

So now that we’ve talked about SEO, we can move on to discussing technical SEO. Technical SEO is more about your website and the server optimizations. By adding specific technical characteristics, you’ll have a better chance of being seen online. The following steps are ways you can make sure your website is up to date with its technical SEO:

  • Use SSL to create an encrypted link between the web server and browser.
  • Make sure your website can be used on a mobile device
  • Make sure your website is working as fast as possible
  • Get rid of duplicate content on your site
  • Create your own XML sitemap
    • This is a file that helps search engines know when the page was last modified, what priority it has on your site, and how frequently it’s updated.
  • Try enabling AMP
    • This is a Google backend project that speeds up content delivery when being used on a mobile device
  • Add structured data markups to help search engines know what content is available
  • Register your website on Google Search Console
  • Register your website on Bing webmaster tools

Understanding a need for search engine optimization is the first step. The second is enlisting the help of a marketing firm, like Prescription PR, to help incorporate SEO strategy into your online presence. With the help of our team, we can increase traffic to your website through a variety of SEO methods.

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