7 Ways To Spring Clean Your Digital Presence

Spring Clean Your Digital Presence

7 Ways To Spring Clean Your Digital Presence

Use This Time To Your Advantage.

For many of us, our calendars have been considerably lightened in response to social distancing. Although trying times for humanity, it is important to think ahead to the months and years down the road.

Where do you want your practice’s growth to be when the dust settles?

For many providers and practice owners, patient care takes the largest chunk of your time, reducing your time for administrative responsibilities. Now is the perfect time to implement some digital spring cleaning!

What may you ask does digital spring cleaning entail?

It really could be anything you need it to be.

Despite an overflowing inbox, many of us are backlogged on other things necessary towards running a practice.

Here are areas we suggest reviewing during this time:

  1. Your Website Information- Your website should contain the most up-to-date information including current staff members, correct contact information, and most up-to-date service offerings. If you have implemented telehealth services, make sure this has been added as well.
  2. Your Website’s User Experience – Have you ever viewed your website from the eyes of a potential patient? Does your website function properly via mobile where over 60% of all internet use occurs? Can someone with vision impairments or other differently-abled persons learn about your practice from your website? Can a patient request an appointment online? If not, a website redesign, refresh, or edits are sorely needed.
  3. Your Website’s Visibility – Try Googling search terms your potential patients might be using to find your practice (You can use your intuition for this as well as tools like Google Ads Keyword Planner for a more in-depth approach.)  Are you coming up on Google Maps or organic search? Is the Call-To-Action for your search listing what it needs to be? Now is the time to tweak or configure your SEO strategy as SEO is a long-game.
  4. Your Social Media Pages – Are you currently utilizing the right social media platforms? Are they full up-to-date with all the necessary components of a complete page? Is your branding consistent? Does your post-strategy reflect recent trends? If not, this is the perfect time to clean these pages up.
  5. Your Social Media Growth Plan – Organic growth of your social media pages not only stems from your post strategy but from your growth strategy. Are you sharing content that is going to get the most engagement, therefore, increase organic growth? Are you using the right hashtags? Do you have someone engaging with potential audiences regularly? This is key to making these pages experience continual organic growth.
  6. Your Directory Listings – Cleaning up your reputation listings like Healthgrades, Yelp, Google, and more can be critical for patients searching for your services. This applies to yourself, your practice, as well as any other providers on your team. You would be surprised to find what outdated information these platforms still display.
  7. Examine Your Competition – What is your competition doing online? Are there tactics you are doing better or worse at? Now is the time to consider your long-term marketing strategy.

All of these suggestions take a detailed approach to your overall practice’s goals: Growth.

Having a growth mindset when it comes to running your practice is key to making yourself adaptable in times of adversity as well as experience optimal growth levels.

If you have questions or concerns about any of these suggestions or if you need direct assistance, we are here to help.

As a medical marketing company that is focused on an individualized approach to communications, we are passionate about helping medical practices reach new heights.
During this time, we are offering our marketing expertise and access to our team’s knowledge base at reduced rates with no contract as we understand the expediency needed in our expertise.
Thank you and please stay safe and healthy!
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