Social Network Integration

The shiny lights syndrome has gotten to physicians, dentists, MDs, and other healthcare providers as well, as is evident from the frenzy to create Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts, post blogs, and generally be seen all around on the social media sphere. But the amazing enthusiasm with which medical professionals have jumped onto the social media marketing bandwagon is only matched by the complete lack of planning and foresight in their social network integration efforts. In fact, lack of social network integration has been the primary reason why many social media campaigns fall flat.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, newsletters and blogs—healthcare professionals have many forums to interact with their target audience, but an effective social network integration strategy is essential to harmonize the disconcerted efforts on these various forums. It is an enormous task no doubt, but at Prescription PR, it is all in a day’s work. Our social network integration strategy is based on a two-pronged approach.

Our first task of social network integration involves bringing about cohesiveness in the marketing efforts carried out on the various networking sites. We ensure that the tweets and Facebook updates get posted at those times of the day when your target audience is likely to be scanning these sites. Our social network integration strategy also ensures that your latest tweets get shared with your Facebook friends and LinkedIn connections and are featured on your blog site. Similarly post updates from your blog make it to your Facebook page and find mention in a tweet.

Next, we integrate these social media marketing efforts into your existing traditional marketing campaign, so that both can leverage on the success of the other. This is a complex job, but imperative to achieve absolute social network integration that spans 360 degrees and leaves no loose ends.