Is Your Practice In or Out?

Is Your Practice In or Out?

download (21)When it comes to marketing is your healthcare practice in or out? As in, does it use in-house marketing or outsourced. Some offices hire their own team of people to take care of this. If an office does not have a designated marketing group, regular staff may end up taking the brunt of the work. There are some advertising and marketing strategies that the internet ameliorated to handle in-house, although usually oversimplified and not the wisest idea. In most scenarios the steps and time necessary to do the marketing successfully in-house are just too much for the practice to handle on their own. Regular work schedules and patient appointments become overlooked by the new marketing responsibilities. This can be detrimental and can end up becoming chaos in the office.

So the question remains…to outsource or no to outsource? An office can manage these responsibilities internally, providing their workers have some experience and can perform. On the contrary, they can choose to outsource this area of their business to a marketing company.

While thinking about in-house marketing there is something very important to remember, you can’t teach old dogs new tricks. The employees already in your office are there for a reason and to change their focus and position may not render beneficial. For some marketing tasks there are specialists needed who have the skills, knowledge, and expertise to handle more sophisticated responsibilities. What equipment will be used when the director yells lights, camera, action!? Your practice doesn’t have the equipment necessary to produce a broadcast-quality film for marketing purposes. Equipment is a big reason to outsource, along with another reason, money. Of course all business try to make the most economic decision when deciding where budget money will go. Outsourcing your marketing should prove to be a more sound financial decision than to tackle the beast on your own. Don’t be shy with your marketing, ask for help!

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