NYS Bill S248B/A1470B Needs Your Deliberation!

NYS Bill S248B/A1470B Needs Your Deliberation!

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Date: June 8, 2015

With less than a week to go in this legislative session, NYS Bill S248B/A1470B needs your deliberation!

Tara Notrica was diagnosed with a rare disease that has caused her and her family an immense amount of challenges and heartache. One of those challenges should not be how she and other parents who face these same or similar challenges can safely get their children to school. Tara is lobbying NYS Bill S248B/A1470B to New York State Legislators. June 17, 2015 is the last day of this legislative session and NYS Bill S248B/A1470B needs your assistance in getting passed.


If passed the Bill “ Allows boards of education, upon written request of a parent or guardian, to provide transportation to and from school for a child residing within the two or three mile designated area to use an already established pick up/drop off location outside of such two or three mile designated area; requires requests to specify explanations for the request; requires board of education to provide a written explanation to the parents as to the reasons for approval or denial.” This bill has been sponsored by Former Senator Fuschillo numerous times.  Currently, Bill S248B is sponsored by Senator Martins and cosponsored by Senator Venditto.  The bill has also been sponsored by Deputy Speaker Hooper.  Currently, A1470B is sponsored by Assemblyman Cusick and co-sponsored by Assemblyman McDonough.  Under the sponsorship of Senator Fuschillo and Deputy Speaker Hooper, NYS Bill S595A passed unanimously in the Senate and NYS Bill A9267A passed with 142 Assembly Members voting in support of the bill in 2012 on to be vetoed by Governor Cuomo on August 17, 2012.  Since then, the bill has passed multiple times in the Senate but has been stalled in the Assembly.  Supporters are asked to call the offices of Senator Martins (516-746-5924), Senator Venditto (516-882-0630), Assemblyman Cusick (718-370-1384), and Assemblyman McDonough (516-409-2070) and ask for their support to help get this bill passed.


After five years of different diagnoses and treatments, Tara Notrica was finally diagnosed with Mast Cell Activation Disorder in April of 2011. Tara was placed on an intensive medical treatment plan and continues to fight not only for her life but for NYS Bill S248B/A1470B so other parents will not have to struggle getting their children to school safely as she has in past years.  “Patients with rare diseases face tremendous struggles and financial burdens. Not being able to ensure the safety of your child, because your disease may leave you so weakened, that you cannot walk or drive your child to and from school is debilitating in itself. This bill will enable children to have a consistent and reliable safe way to get to and from school.” Said Notrica.



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