What is Local SEO?

New York healthcare marketing

New York Healthcare MarketingWhat is Local SEO?

Local SEO is used when a business wishes to optimize their website to rank better for their local area. This tactic is used to attract the target audience that shares the same geographical location as your business, translating to more customers.  For many, convenience is a key component, especially when choosing a healthcare provider. If you are able to reach out to the people in your area and let them you know are there, it will help bring attention to your practice. If you seek New York healthcare marketing, then contact Prescription PR for more information.  

What Is The Difference Between Local SEO And Standard SEO?

The main difference between the two is that local SEO focuses on the geographical location of your practice which standard SEO does not do.  Local SEO specializes in bringing awareness to your specific location, rather than normal SEO which focuses more on the website of the practice.  Local SEO is more important for a local practice because it will help increase your local exposure.  This will ultimately help you to get patients in the door and grow your practice.

Important Steps To Take For Local SEO Use

  • Google My Business
    • Make sure your practice is present on Google My Business, which allows your practice to pop up immediately if someone searches for your services.  Especially for those who seek convenience, having all the appropriate information they need right in front of them can be an easy way to grab their attention.
  • Website Optimization
    • Now that you are present on Google, the next step is to optimize your website and allow it to be user-friendly.  Make sure it is readable, and important things like office hours, address, and phone number are easily visible. Having your website on your Google My Business profile is also key.
  • Reviews
    • Having a regular stream of reviews is an essential aspect of developing a good image in the community, especially if these reviews overall are positive.  The higher the quantity and diversity of reviews attribute to the ranking of your website on Google. At Prescription PR, we have proven methods for helping you to and your team to get more patient reviews, to learn more about our reputation management services, click here.

If you seek New York healthcare marketing services, then contact Prescription PR.  We can help your practice get off the ground by using various healthcare marketing techniques.  Local SEO is an effective tactic in allowing you to connect with your local target audience. Not only will you be able to gain more patients from the local area, but you will enhance your local reputation which will then go beyond local boundaries.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business.

What is Local SEO?
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What is Local SEO?
Local SEO specializes in bringing awareness to your specific location, rather than normal SEO which focuses more on the website of the practice.
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