How to Create a Website- New York Healthcare Marketing

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How to Create a Website- New York Healthcare Marketing

How to Create a Website – New York Healthcare Marketing

Are you ready to create a website? There are many steps involved in the process, and enlisting the help of both a programmer and digital marketing strategist will yield the most optimal results. At Prescription PR, we develop websites for providers of all specialties utilizing the best practices of both website development and search engine optimization. To learn more about New York Healthcare Marketing, contact us today.

Below are the most important steps necessary when creating a website:

Registering your domain name

Your website URL is your domain name. Finding an available URL that coincides with your practice name, provider name, or a valuable local keyword is key to making the perfect selection. It is not uncommon to buy more than one keyword in order to gain the most value. We recommend that you register your domain names on your own rather than through a web hosting company. This gives you the flexibility to keep your website name regardless of who you work with in the future.

Finding a web hosting company 

Once your URL is registered, you will need to host your website. Companies like GoDaddy and Flywheel will give your website’s files a space to exist on the internet.

Choosing a layout

Websites styles are continually evolving as trends and tastes change so picking something functional yet aesthetically pleasing is important. Making sure the layout has space for all of the components necessary to make your website usable and functional is key. For instance, for a doctor’s website, patients will need to be able to see the location details and request an appointment easily. Many website themes can be modified to make it work for what you need but keeping this in mind when selecting can create less work down the line.

Choosing a color scheme 

If you have a logo designed, working off the colors within the logo is a great start but depending on the intricacies of your logo, you may want to pick complementary colors in order to maximize the visual aspects of your website. For instance if you logo incorporates several neon colors, neon text and big background elements on your website can be jarring so consider this all as you move through the process.

Selecting photos 

Whether you get professional photographs of your practice or rely more heavily on stock images, picking the right images sets the tone for your entire website, especially on the homepage. Decide whether you want to show patients in treatment or patients in other aspects of their lives like running or at work is something to consider.

Preparing content

Creating informative SEO content will help give your website the greatest advantage when it begins to be incorporated into Google’s algorithm. Having a page for each service you offer will give Google more opportunities to pick up text content for ranking. If you have questions on SEO content,  contact us today for New York Healthcare Marketing!

Desktop vs Mobile  

Throughout the process, ensure that both versions of the website are optimized. Over 60% of all searches are done on mobile so make sure your prospective patient’s first impression is great on both. Also, Google will favor websites that are mobile optimized.

These main components are critical towards the website development process. By having an understanding of these facets, you will be setting up your new website for success. For questions or concerns about this information or to learn how we can help build your website, contact us for New York Healthcare Marketing today!

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