How to Market a New Medical Practice

How to Market a New Medical Practice

When you’ve found the perfect office and assembled the ideal staff for your new practice, its time to consider establishing a connection with your local community and new clientele base. Here are five ways to jump start promoting your practice and sustain successful marketing as your business grows.

Online Visibility:

In this day and age almost every person has or has access to computer or internet source, for many, this is their primary way of scoping out potential doctors and surgeons. Establishing a strong online presence will help with SEO (search engine optimization) therefore making your practice more likely to appear in local directories or in location specific searches like Facebook or Google+.

Marketing Material:

When starting a new practice, you have the opportunity to create strong branding and in turn compile effective marketing materials. If your practice applies specifically to certain people or a certain demographic be sure to incorporate that into your marketing. Also consider collaborating with a graphic artist to create a design that can be consistent in all your branding materials.

Offline Visibility:

This includes press releases, formal announcements, and introductions to other doctor in the local area who may provide you with referrals. One of the best ways to facilitate connections with doctors and expanding your presence in the local community is to have a physician liaison who represents you and distributes marketing materials on your behalf.

Communication Funnel:

Whether its car insurance or your favorite clothing store, once companies have your information they utilize it to ensure that you will be a repeat customer by sending your emails or notifications every week. The same can be done with healthcare, except instead of selling something you are creating rapport and strengthening patient loyalty. By getting data from patients and utilizing it in an effective way, you are reinforcing their connection to your practice consistently Having good communication and a good relationship with a patient, even when they aren’t in need of immediate care, will increase the likelihood that you will be the first physician they see when they do need medical care.

Credibility Establishment:

When a patient is satisfied and happy with their experience with you, be sure to encourage them to share their experience both offline and online. With all of the easily accessible resources online, patients can go to Facebook, Yelp, and other sites and endorse your skills and experience.


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