LinkedIn: The Ideal Platform for Physicians

LinkedIn: The Ideal Platform for Physicians

Social media platforms are growing in popularity for businesses; networking sites are no longer designed with solely recreational use in mind. LinkedIn stands as the premium professional social networking site that enables serious entrepreneurs, company representatives, and individuals involved in virtually every field of business to showcase their expertise and services to a relevant community. Yet the posts of few other professionals command the attention that physicians do, as the publishing efforts of healthcare practitioners wield substantial influence.

Patients already turn to the Internet to acquire information about healthcare professionals, reading reviews and recommendations wherever they are available. Practitioner websites also offer general information about business hours and services, but there is no place for frequent updates regarding physician opinion and recommendations concerning relevant health issues. LinkedIn provides the space and opportunity for these efforts, enabling physicians to put their expertise and branding in the spotlight.

A physician’s LinkedIn profile will exhibit a published post close to the areas in which credentials and business information are displayed. This proximity enables viewers to identify and understand the relationship between the physician’s posted content and practice, therefore fostering successful branding and a professional reputation. These published posts can also encourage conversation, generating higher visibility and relevance within the online community in which the physician is engaged.

 Among the many opportunities through which a physician can build brand awareness, LinkedIn remains an underutilized mode. Physicians who capitalize on this platform early on will be able to command the attention of these professional communities, rendering them more relevant and authoritative than those who do not.


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