June Healthcare Monthly Observances

June Healthcare Monthly Observances

June has finally arrived! That also means there’s a whole new list of healthcare monthly observances to pay close attention to. With the coming every new month, various organizations throughout the United States dedicate certain days, weeks, and even the entire month in order to raise awareness for certain health conditions. This year’s June healthcare monthly observances features a wide range of health concerns, mostly pertaining to men’s health. Continue reading to learn more about each observance and when it’s being celebrated:

June Healthcare Monthly Observances for 2019

Men’s Health Month

June 1st-30th

This special observance was passed by Congress in 1994. It’s a national observance in which men all across the country get to celebrate and participate in screenings, health information sessions, and outreach activities.

Men’s Health Week

June 10th-16th

The purpose of Men’s Health Week is to heighten the overall awareness and to help encourage both men and boys to seek medical advice for preventable health conditions and diseases.

Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month

June 1st-30th

Sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association, it allows for further awareness and conversation about the brain to be further discussed around the world.

Aphasia Awareness Month

June 1st-30th

The National Aphasia Foundation is helping to raise awareness for the Aphasia condition, which usually inflicts those who have had a traumatic brain injury.

Migraine and Headache Awareness Month

June 1st-30th

Through advocacy and educational efforts, the American Migraine Foundation looks to raise awareness for this common ailment.

Hernia Awareness Month

June 1st-30th

The Hernia Resource Center looks to focus in on advocating for those who may have had or may be currently suffering from a hernia.

PTSD Awareness Month

June 1st-30th

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder is a condition that can affect your every-day life. The National Center for PTSD uses the month of June as a way to raise awareness and encourage those who may be struggling with PTSD to seek help.

Cancer Survivors Day

June 2nd

The National Cancer Survivors Foundation dedicates the entire day to celebrate those who have won the fight against cancer! This day is all about celebrating, inspiring, and supporting fellow friends and family who may be currently going through the fight themselves.

Family Health and Fitness Day

June 8th

This is the largest national family health and wellness event celebrated across the country. The National Recreation and Park Association uses this day to promote the upkeep of parks and recreation all around the country.  

Blood Donor Day

June 14th

The World Organization dedicates this day to celebrate those who have donated blood and to also help raise awareness for the importance of giving blood donations.

June is About Men’s Health

The goal of June being men’s health month is to help raise awareness for various preventable health conditions. It also aims to encourage both men and young boys to get early testing, diagnosis, and treatment. By raising awareness of these various conditions and health concerns, we can save lives. So don’t just read about it, get involved and join in on June healthcare’s monthly observances for yourself!

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