How do you generate traffic with social media?

How do you generate traffic with social media?

As social media continues to grow more prominent, companies are turning to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to boost their name and easily communicate with their community. Prescription PR utilizes various healthcare marketing techniques to ensure we have organic traffic flowing to our website and our clients’ websites. Social Media can play a vital role in your business’ reputation, creating a community of your own, and building your clientele. The healthcare marketing techniques below will help you generate traffic for your website, even if only a few are implemented. 

Know Your Target Audience and When To Post Online:

Whether you are in the healthcare field or just looking to generate traffic, it’s important to know exactly who you would like to come to your website. For healthcare, if you are a physical therapist, your target audience will be people in your area who are looking for physical therapy. Searching through hashtags and using your own in your post is one of our simple healthcare marketing techniques that will help weed out people who may need your services. It’s important to only post content that will intrigue or help your target audience. Once you are aware of who your audience is, use your analytics to identify when the best time to post would be. Posting at the most opportune time will ensure your post isn’t perpetually lost in your audiences’ timelines. 

Link Back To Your Website:

The main goal of social media for companies is to funnel people to your original website. It may seem silly to say, but make sure you link your original website on your social media pages. Most platforms will have a place in the bio for you to link your company. Even if you have your website linked in the bio, be sure to include the link in some content pieces, as well as when answering users’ comments and messages. If a user is asking you a question and you have the answer on your website, send them the link and tell them to find the answer there. If you have blog posts or special services on your website, always link to them when talking to users on any platform. 

SEO and Shareable Content:

Ensuring your content is seen is one of the largest obstacles when it comes to social media. SEO or search engine optimization focuses on using keywords to attract traffic to your website. Healthcare marketing techniques often include SEO by using keywords like “physical therapy” or “orthopedist” in posts to help your website appear on the first page of any search engine, like Google or Bing. When researching a topic on Google, most people are inclined to click websites on the first page and rarely venture onto the second or third page. Once someone has clicked on your website and read the information they are looking for, they may feel the need to share it with family or friends. Sharing is a huge part of getting your content out there in front of people. Therefore, always be sure that your posts or blogs are shareable by including a social sharing tool. 

Visuals Are Important:

Social media users are more inclined to read and share posts with an image as opposed to just a text post. Text posts are easy to glance over, but many users will stop to look at a photo. Visual representation, like charts, photos, videos, graphics, and gifs, entices the users’ to read the post and even sometimes share it. Infographics are a great way to synthesize information for the user while giving them an image to focus on. 

Build Your Community:

One of our best healthcare marketing techniques includes taking time to grow your community. Building a community on social media is similar to building clientele. Through frequent posting and regular engagement with your followers, you begin to build your recognition and more people will become a part of your community. Regular engagement will make your followers feel comfortable with you while giving them a sense of your personality and expertise. When answering questions or during a general engagement, remember to link back to your website for in-depth answers and information.  

Contact Prescription PR For Healthcare Marketing Techniques: 

Through sharing our healthcare marketing techniques, we hope to create a better social media experience for you. Prescription PR works hard to build the recognition of other companies and medical practices so they focus on running their business. If you are unsure where to start on your social media journey, or if you just need a hand curating and posting your content, contact us today!

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