Handling Negative Reviews

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Handling Negative Reviews

Over the years, marketing for doctors has quickly shifted from traditional to digital. Connecting with your community and sharing experiences has never been so easy and has the potential to be extremely beneficial for doctors. However, we still have to face negative reviews and the impact they may have on potential patients. Luckily, this is a problem that could be easily managed. So, how do you go about handling negative reviews? We’re here to tell you.

Monitor feedback

To be able to efficiently keep on top of all incoming feedback and act accordingly, it’s important to regularly track all potential sources of reviews – not just Healthgrades. There is an increasing amount of online platforms and social media outlets available for anyone to share their review.

Respond Immediately

It is important to keep track of new feedback because it will allow you to respond immediately to the negative review. Ideally, if you respond within 48 hours it will show that you care about your patients and are willing to make things right.

Be polite, professional and personable

The content of your response should always be sincere, professional, and polite; even towards the harshest reviews. Thanking them for their feedback and offering them an opportunity to communicate privately is a great way to handle negative feedback. Apologize and never let the blame fall on the patient. Not all negative reviews will be handled the same and it is important that each response is catered to the concerns of the patient.

Reputation management is a crucial part of the way marketing for doctors is implemented. Potential patients are constantly making decisions based on the reputation of professionals and it is important to take action to ensure your practice is put in the best light. If you have any questions about how Prescription PR can help your practice with reputation and crisis management, contact us today.


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