Five Easy Ways To Improve Patient Experience

Five Easy Ways To Improve Patient Experience

Medical practices understand the importance of providing a positive experience to their patients. Patients who leave a hospital or doctor’s office unsatisfied are unlikely to return in the future. Moreover, patients who were not pleased with their doctor’s visit may write negative reviews online, which could then cost the doctor more patients. Medical practices who have had a difficult time improving overall patient care should consider implementing these five steps.

The first step to improving overall patient experience is to create a vision of what patient care should be. By taking suggestions from staff and patients alike, doctors or hospital administrators can learn what the expectations of the people involved in their practice are and then work to bring their dreams to reality. Once a practice makes significant changes to the way it handles patient care, the next step is to advertise its message through digital means. Patients must be informed about the new vision of patient care and social media outlets are a great way for doctors to spread their message.

The next step is to document actual patients enjoying their doctor’s visits. By taking videos of current patients, potential patients can see for themselves the great experience that actual people are having at a particular doctor’s office. Seeing other patients enjoying their experience can be even more effective than positive reviews in recruiting new patients.

Once measures are taken that actually improve overall patient experience, it is important to increase accountability to make sure that standards do not fall. Doctors should gather evaluations from as many patients as possible. All patient complaints should be analyzed quickly and it must be determined if there is one common source for the complaints as this may be grounds for further changes to the practice as a whole.

The final step in improving overall patient care is to be transparent. Practices should allow employees and patients access to annual reports so that they can see the progress being made as well as the challenges still facing the office. In doing so, doctors will be motivated to maintain high standards and continue to work to improve patient experience.

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