The Inherent Challenges of Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare marketing is an innovative division of marketing that requires custom-tailored tactics specific to the nature of the healthcare industry. A successful healthcare marketing strategy demands a differentiation from traditional marketing techniques and focuses that are widely applicable across multiple industries. It is the characteristics of the competitive healthcare environment and its empowered consumers that challenge most healthcare professionals in the realm of marketing. Consequently, these challenges lead those who are newly branching out into the healthcare industry to make simple mistakes.

One of the most common mistakes made within healthcare marketing is the treatment of marketing as advertising. This mistake often comes from the two concepts being closely related, though they are not the same. Marketing encompasses all business activities geared toward accessing, attracting, and securing consumers who can utilize your products or services. These activities are driven by knowledge about target markets and their different needs, appeals, and natures. Advertising is much simple; advertising is a single tool of marketing used to relay persuasive messages to consumers within any given market segment.

Seeing as advertising is only one aspect of marketing, it is important to consider the other equally important strategies. Some of the tools that often remain underutilized include branding, referral marketing, and public relations. Too often, businesses create advertising plans as opposed to marketing plans. Moreover, these advertising plans usually attempt to relay one cover-concept to all consumers instead of customized concepts with a unified overarching theme to different categories of consumers. By making this simple mistake, healthcare professionals are denied profitability within the competitive healthcare market.