What is the Most Important Thing you Can Do with SEO to Get Ranked?

What is the Most Important Thing you Can Do with SEO to Get Ranked?

Imagine this: you’re a cardiologist in a big city and you’ve been publishing content on your website using search engine optimization. A new patient who has been advised to see a cardiologist is struggling to find a good one that isn’t too far of a drive, so they type one of your keywords into their search engine. Your practice is one of the first to pop up and the patient almost instantly clicks on your page. 

Search engine optimization is a free and effective way to increase website traffic. The main purpose of SEO and healthcare digital marketing is to help boost your website ranking when a patient searches the internet for a doctor within your specialty in your area. Our healthcare digital marketing team at Prescription PR specializes in search engine optimization and can help your practice maintain a strong online presence while you remain focused on your patients. 

How can you get ranked?

There’s a lot that goes into search engine optimization. There is no “one” thing that makes it work, it’s a bunch of little things coming together that make it effective. Maybe you started using SEO as a healthcare digital marketing technique for your practice, but you’re still struggling with your keyword rankings. Here are a few tips that will help move your practice into the top rankings:

  • Focus on a good keyword
    • Think about what your future patients are searching for when they are in need of a doctor with your speciality. Put yourself in your patient’s shoes.

  • Use that keyword in your title, header, and URL
    • It’s best not to over-do it with your keyword. You don’t want it in every single sentence, making it obvious that you’re trying to utilize this healthcare digital marketing technique. However, if you spread it out and incorporate it into the post naturally, it can do wonders for your practice’s ranking. 
  • Write good content
    • Your website might be the first to pop up on a search engine, but you need to make sure that once they click, they stay! Make the patient want to stay by hooking them in with some quality content to read. 
  • Insert links
    • Whether linking externally or internally, it’s important to link to other pages. If your content is good, someone might link your website to their post. Search engines also take external links into consideration when it comes to ranking. If someone else is linking your page, it must be good enough to rank high!

Ranking high in search engine optimization can be difficult, but with the help of our team here at Prescription PR, we can make the process of healthcare digital marketing that much easier! Search engine optimization may need a lot of your attention at times and you don’t want to take that attention away from your patients. Contact us and we’ll get started on your journey to the top of the search engine today! 

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