Why Should Doctors Use Social Media?

Social Media Marketing for Doctors

Social media has certainly shifted the world of healthcare marketing. When utilized correctly, the online presence of your practice can help increase your reach to new patients and keep old patients coming back. However, this process does require some strategic attention and upkeep. As specialists in New York Healthcare Marketing, Prescription PR helps practices create a unique and cohesive brand across all platforms. A fully integrated social media campaign is key to attracting future patients and maintaining a meaningful relationship with existing patients. 

Why should I use social media?

  • Keep patients updated

Social media is a great way to connect with patients in a timely manner. Your posts can keep them in the loop about any changes in hours or holiday closings. This is also a good opportunity to promote any new or seasonal services you may be offering. For example, encouraging flu shots once flu season comes around or physicals before school starts. This aids in maintaining loyalty by bringing existing patients back into the office. 

  • Manage your reputation 

Reviews are one of the first things potential patients will look at when researching a new practice. It is important to maintain your reputation as a respected member of your community. Keep up to date on the numerous review sites you may have a profile on and respond to any reviews in a timely and personable matter. Responding to negative reviews is especially crucial. A response with the right attitude can greatly soften the blow to your reputation. It is important to defend your practice where fit while remaining apologetic and empathetic. This is a great opportunity to showcase to everyone how much you care about your patients.

  • Increase attention to your practice 

The internet is a great source of information, but it’s also a great source of misinformation. Your practice’s social media platform is a great way to spread your knowledge in a wide range of areas. A relevant topic can drive traffic to your practice and attract a patient that may not have otherwise visited your website. All the while, you are building credibility with your entire audience by sharing interesting and educational content. 

New York Healthcare Marketing

Looking to build recognition for your practice? As experts in New York Healthcare Marketing, we understand all aspects of healthcare communication from initial patient research to insurance payments. Prescription PR offers numerous digital marketing services to our clients including social media, search engine optimization, reputation management, website development, and more. Contact us today to start growing your business.

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Looking to build recognition for your practice? As experts in New York Healthcare Marketing, we understand all aspects of healthcare communication.