Why are translations important for SEO?

Why are translations important for SEO?

Why are translations important for SEO?

If you’re unfamiliar with the term SEO, it stands for search engine optimization. It’s used throughout the website development process to help naturally drive traffic to your website, while also generating higher search results. This is accomplished with a number of steps, one of them is using keywords. These keywords are terms believed to be used by the local community when searching for your business’s product or service. This is why knowing your audience is crucial, as well as being aware of other audiences you may want to target in the future. This is where translations come in. Understanding the vocabulary and knowledge of people who speak different languages is a huge factor when it comes to SEO translations. While translation on its own can’t guarantee success, enlisting the help of a native linguist can help your business explore all the possible search terms that could yield results as a part of your marketing strategy.

The old approach of translation:

As the popularity of digital marketing grows globally, we’re forced to be reminded of questions like, “why are translations important for SEO?” Well for starters, you don’t want to be restricted to one audience. You’ll never be able to compete in the global market if you’re content isn’t translated. When properly incorporating translation, you’ll be able to reach a variety of different target audiences. Originally, this process consisted of seeking the help of one of the following:

  • A human translator
  • A Machine Translator
    • I.e. Google Translator

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the most effective avenue. What we’ve found is that the process of localization has become more beneficial when targeting different markets. Translating an entire piece of your website’s content is not the most effective strategy. The more effective option has been to work on adapting your content to different languages so that the message is kept the same no matter who’s reading it.

TIps for your website:

Now that we’ve answered the question “why are translations important for SEO?” We can start offering some tips to help you create an SEO-friendly website. Here are just a few tips to consider when it comes to the translation process:

  • Research your target markets!
    • Make sure you’re aware of which countries you’re looking to reach, as well as popular keywords and phrases they may be using there.
  • Never translate something literally!
    • Using the local language, or some of the slang commonly used, helps make your site more appealing.
  • Stay on top of updating your website!
    • Which it may seem tedious, it will help you remain on the top search rankings list.

How can we help?

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