Why an OB/GYN must maintain an active digital presence to compete in today’s market.

Long Island Obstetrics/Gynecology Practices

Why an OB/GYN must maintain an active digital presence to compete in today’s market.

Today, most Obstetrics/Gynecology practices take part in social media.  Whether your practice is in the Long Island, New York area or not, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ as well as other  forms of digital media like blogging or podcasting are popular mediums for keeping current and prospective patients informed of the services you offer as well as the healthcare industry. About 65% of doctors use at least one source of social media and almost 90% of doctors use social media for personal use.  

Medical practices such as OB/GYN offices are finding these tools helpful for Long Island healthcare marketing and promotions. These offices are also finding social media helpful for other professional services.  Social media is a great way to keep your office on the top of search results as well as to increase communication with your patients and colleagues.

Blogging for your practice is a great way to market your practice, build your brand and educate your patients. Today, people don’t read pamphlets; people go to the Internet to educate themselves.  As an OB/GYN office your blogs will focus on women to educate women on their personal health along with their family’s health.  Blogging will create office growth by building stronger relationships with your clients, and by creating website traffic to your website.

Facebook and Twitter are great platforms to market your practice and to connect with patients. By maintaining an active web presence, you are showcasing to potential patients that you care about your patients as well exemplifies your expertise in the field.

Prescription PR is the perfect resource to build your office’s new digital referrals. We are a team of Long Island Marketers that has the healthcare marketing experience  to create and maintain your social media pages, create and post fresh web content as well  as our many other digital services..  Prescription PR wants to connect you with prospective patients looking for an OB/GYN office like yours.  You can contact Prescription PR to set up a media plan by calling 631-392-4255, through email info@prescriptionpr.com or you can visit Prescription PR’s website to see what other digital marketing or graphic design marketing they can provide your office with at https://prescriptionpr.com/new.  


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