Where is Healthcare Marketing going in 2017?

Healthcare Marketing in 2017

Where is Healthcare Marketing going in 2017?

At this day in age, many technological and media advancements are quickly becoming the norm for marketing trends. Healthcare is no different, and the tactics taken to enhance practices in the market rely on social trends and technology.

In 2017 many aspects of healthcare market improvements are directed towards a more personal and interactive relationship between the doctor and the patient. However, this “personalization” is done through a media presence. Patients rely on doctors to be present on media platforms and mobile devices to make things easier, more accessible, and more attractive for culture trends. Prescription PR understands practices to have success with digital optimization; we are geared towards merging your qualified reputation with a universal standard that will reach all patients.

Below are the 4 most vital healthcare marketing trends to focus on:


Each year, data tracking becomes not only easier but more important. Whether it’s your patient’s vitals or it’s your patient’s email address, this data needs to be accessible and easy to export. Data like your patient’s home location, method of referral, and email address is increasingly useful in this competitive market. Tracking your referral sources and the location patients are travelling from will help you better target new potential patients. Gathering email addresses allows you to not only re-target your current patients through newsletters and promotions but to also maintain patient relationships as well as educate and promote the importance of preventative medicine.

Patient portals are becoming increasingly popular means to appointment booking as well as provides patients access to their lab results and vital signs. The convenience that this provides patients as well as to your office staff makes a big difference in service care.


Every year more and more people utilize mobile internet rather than using a desktop and laptop. This means that you must be optimizing your website and content for mobile. As a screen is becoming the norm over written text for people to communicate and receive news, so is the marketing experience.


Three big ideas that we look to enhance are content formation, cost-effective marketing tools for the location base, and a nurturing patient relationship that recognizes them as the consumer and buyer. Our strategy not only prepares you for what the current market is calling for, but also anticipates and prepares you for where the market is going. Creating authoritative yet conversational content not only helps improve Search Engine Optimization for your website but provides shareable content for social media.

Social Media

Statistics show that you patients are on social media: If you are not also on social media, you are missing out. Social media provides an avenue to not only re-target your current patient base but to increase brand visibility. Every like and share you receive is a potential new patient.

Your healthcare practice needs to have a reliable market support to keep up with our cultural technology trends. Prescription PR prides its expertise and experience with many different healthcare practices and services. We can help you stay current and be ahead of your competitors for market growth and client potential. Call us today for your consultation!


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