What is the most important thing you can do with SEO to get ranked?

What is the most important thing you can do with SEO to get ranked?

What is an SEO Ranking?

SEO stands for search engine optimization which is used to have your web pages rank better, or higher up the page, in search engine results. But why does your SEO ranking matter? Well, 95% of searchers do not even visit the second page of results, and almost 50% of clicks, or visits, go to the top 3 results, and the same idea can be applied when a patient searches for medical help online. Because ranking better is so important for healthcare digital marketing, having a dedicated team to help you can make a big difference. We at Prescription PR can help you optimize your search engine ranking and help with your overall healthcare digital marketing strategy. Listed below are some of the most important factors in SEO ranking, to get a better idea of what influences your ranking.

How to Rank Better:

Many factors go into your SEO ranking from things like the actual content on your websites to the domain names and URLs, the use of keywords, and so on. To help get a better understanding of this topic, we have listed below some factors that will affect your SEO rankings.

  • Optimized Content. If your website has your practice’s location, the names of physicians who work there, and a phone number you may think it has what it needs for a good website. However, for your websites to rank better, you will need more content than that. Having blog posts talking about health conditions your practice understands and deals with is a great boost to your website. Even better than that is creating optimized content. Optimized quality content uses strategic, targeted keywords in an organic way throughout your content, allowing people who search for a specific ailment see your webpage.
  • Having relevant links and being linked. Linking authoritative sites to own posts and websites is a great way to show search engines you are making quality content for any patients while providing another relevant website for your visitors to use to help them. Also, having your website linked by other website’s posts shows that you have relevant and high-quality posts yourself. Finally, linking your content to your websites helps bundle everything together, both for your patients and for and search engines trying to rank you.
  • Page Speed and Security. Having a more secure URL, such as HTTPS, over HTTP is one way to up your rankings. That’s because HTTPS is a more secure version, and works with other security measures such as SSL. This lets search engines know your website is a safe spot for its searchers to go to, and that helps you rank higher in searches. Another big factor is the speed at which your site loads. Search engines want their user experience to be streamlined and easy to use as well. So they will bump up websites with good loading speeds and lower ones with slower loading speeds.
  • Increasing your social media presence. Social media pages also rank in the results when patients search for things online. Sharing quality content, or having your content shared by another business’ profile, can up your rankings for that content. Having good connections, posting and sharing content, and having your content being spread around social media is another factor for your healthcare digital marketing that will also boost your SEO rankings.

Contact us to get started on your healthcare digital marketing plan: 

Optimizing your webpages for higher search engine results can be a daunting task. There are a lot of technicalities and nuances that factor into your SEO rankings. However, this is not something that you have to do alone. Contact us, and Prescription PR’s team of marketing specialists will develop a specialized healthcare digital marketing plan to help you rank higher in search engine results.

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