What are the Digital Trends for 2019?

What are the Digital Trends for 2019?

With the ever-expanding online network, it may come as no surprise that some new digital trends will be likely to emerge throughout 2019. As practices continue looking for ways to outdo one another, be sure to expect the same dynamic when it comes to doctor marketing. Practice owners are going to have to focus more than ever on digital marketing throughout the next year as new trends continue to service. It’s important, especially for medical practices, to keep a keen eye on these upcoming trends so they can stay ahead of the game when it comes to doctor marketing

What to Expect

  • The Emergence of New Technologies– In today’s world, it’s almost always a given to expect new technologies to be released throughout the course of a year. How practices choose to integrate these new technologies can play a huge role in how you adapt to the changing digital landscape. Different devices allow for different experiences. Augmented reality and artificial intelligence are only getting more and more advanced. This lends itself to more exposure, not only for recreational uses but the workplace as well. These technologies have the ability to drastically change the customer service experience, which can be a make-or-break for most companies. So it’s important to stay up on all the new technologies as they emerge and integrate them accordingly. 
  • Personalized Email Marketing– Nowadays, personalization and relationships are everything. Brands and practices are starting to realize that it’s the details that can make the biggest difference. By tailoring your email marketing even further, it can allow for optimized results and better exposure to consumers. When conducting doctor marketing, making sure you are targeting the right segments is key. Not only can this allow you to reach the right consumers but it can help you foster a relationship. It’s important when going about creating a personalized email marketing system that you:
    • Create different emails for each consumer segment you are trying to target
    • Keep the content exciting, short, and to the point
    • Engage with your consumer and offer creative that best represents your brand
  • Videos will Become an Integral Part of SEO– SEO allows medical practices to understand their patient’s behavior. By incorporating videos, it will allow consumers to gain even more exposure to different sites. It’s said that videos are shared 1,200% more times than both texts and links. Videos are not only more engaging but they also evoke a stronger emotional connection with the viewer. It should be expected to see practices incorporating more video content to help improve their SEO rankings in the upcoming year. Keywords can be added to the video title, URL, or in the description, allowing you to easily optimize your video content for SEO purposes.  

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