The Psychology behind Marketing

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The Psychology behind Marketing

The appeal of any product or service is dictated entirely through consumer trust, while trust itself is often built through previous experience there are ways to foster trust without relying on history. Psychology and marketing are often paired with one another for good reason, since people often base their trust on emotional affection then a business can set the foundations of trust by appealing to their consumer base’s sensibilities.

Among the most basic psychological marketing principles priming is the most potent. To use an example of what priming is let’s look at Google, about a decade ago people would say to “look up something online” and after Google became increasingly prevalence the phrase “Google it” eventually became more common. When consumers associate your business directly with your service or product they have been primed and will remember your business whenever your product or service is mentioned. If a consumer is primed then your business will always be the first choice for them.

Anchoring is a marketing technique similar to priming focusing on the information they receive. The guiding principle of anchoring is that people will pay more attention to the first piece of information they receive about a product. For instance, if a business is even marginally less expensive than other competitors consumers will associate your business with being the best bargain.

Most businesses attempt to market their product through repetition and constant exposure and without adequate understanding of consumer psychology their attempts at advertising may be interpreted as spam and shameless promotion. PR agencies work as a third party between consumers and businesses to assist with how information about a business is received by the consumer base. If your business needs assistance with marketing Prescription PR is a PR agency specialized in promoting clinicians primarily through SEO and social media. Prescription PR also offers start-up consulting and physician liaisons if your medical practice prefers a more manual approach to their own marketing.

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