Social Media Will Play a Major Role in the 2014 World Cup

Social Media Will Play a Major Role in the 2014 World Cup

Four years may not seem like a long time but the growth and development of Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites has been astounding since the last World Cup in 2010. Today, Facebook has over a billion users worldwide while twitter has nearly six hundred and fifty million users. The expansion of social media has created a number of possibilities for the promotion and popularization of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

FIFA, the international soccer federation, has taken on the onus of creating hype and publicity leading up to the greatest event in international soccer. In the last few months alone FIFA has created three new Facebook pages dedicated to different aspects of the World Cup. The FIFA twitter account is also gaining traction with four and half million followers worldwide. Once the World Cup starts, FIFA will Tweet out updates and other important information to its followers during the games so every soccer fan can remain informed on all things World Cup.

Along with Tweeting to its followers, FIFA will unveil its digital Global Stadium, which will allow soccer fans all over the world to share their opinions and excitement with each other. By using #Joinin and/or #WorldCup soccer fans around the world will have the opportunity to be actively engaged throughout the 64 games of the tournament. FIFA hopes that billions of people around the world will join in to be a part of the experience.

FIFA and other promoters have a number of incentives to expand social media access for this World Cup. They believe the interactive experience will expand their fan base for future soccer events. FIFA will also be able to advertise its World Cup related merchandise to billions of fans around the world. The social World Cup being created by FIFA and other promoters should improve the experience for fans and increase the profits made off of the event.

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