How Can You Use Social Media To Help The Public During The Coronavirus Outbreak

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How Can You Use Social Media To Help The Public During The Coronavirus Outbreak

With a majority of the planet under stay at home orders, a longing for connection is at an all-time high. While any physical connection may be out of the question for the time being, in the digital age, there are other ways to bring people together. At Prescription PR, a healthcare marketing agency, our staff knows the power of social media. By choosing to work with us, we can help your practice increase its presence on social media so you can help the public during these trying times.  

Flatten The Curve

To help slow the spread and keep hospital systems from becoming over-stressed, everyone should be adhering to social distancing guidelines. When everyone does their part, it helps to save lives. At Prescription PR, our staff can help you create social media posts that both encourage people to protect each other, as well as how your practice is doing the same. By showing your commitment to adhering to guidelines, it may encourage others to do the same.

Tips For Staying Healthy

Once something is posted on social media, anyone can see it. That is why now more than ever, we need to use these platforms as a source for providing valuable information to the public. If you’re currently unable to run these accounts yourself, a healthcare marketing agency such as us here at Prescription PR would be happy to do so. Some information we’d recommend sharing is how people can avoid contracting COVID-19, and other overall health tips. Examples of what we can post about include:

  • A reminder to wash hands with soap for more than 20 seconds numerous times a day.
  • Emphasizing wearing a mask when in public to protect yourself and others.
  • Exercise tips to help people stay in shape while gyms are closed.
  • What to do if you think you’re getting sick.

Emphasize Your Commitment To Safety

Social media allows people to interact with brands and medical practices in real-time. Patients want to see how practices are handling the pandemic, and having a presence on social media allows you to do so. Our social media experts can draft posts that show the updates you’ve made to your practice that keep patients and employees alike healthy. More and more practices have been turning to telemedicine, and if you can utilize that technology, that is the perfect information to blast out to multiple platforms. No matter the precautions you’ve taken, the public will appreciate hearing them.

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At Prescription PR, our staff can help your practice succeed during these uncertain times. By utilizing social media as a tool for public benefit, you’ll increase the goodwill felt towards your practice, which will foster positive results in the future. As a top healthcare marketing agency, we want your practice to be at its best. For more information about how this can be done through social media, contact us today.

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