Running A Website Blog During COVID-19

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Running A Website Blog During COVID-19

With new information regarding the devastating virus known as COVID-19 being unearthed each day, practices and businesses alike are being forced to alter their habits like never before.  We’re all feeling the stress and pressure the global pandemic has brought with it, and if you own a medical practice and are unsure of how your marketing efforts should be altered, you’re not alone.  At Prescription PR, our staff is dedicated to helping you remain successful during these trying times.  We’ll give you advice on how to run a website blog during COVID-19 so you can stay connected to those who need your services.

Give Office Updates

Potential patients are going to look for how you are currently handling the situation.  Providing earnest updates will show that you are taking the pandemic seriously, and could earn you some goodwill online.  Doing so will pay a huge role in driving much-needed traffic to your website.  Examples of updates you can bring up in a blog include:

  • Alternate hours your practice is currently operating under.
  • Precautions being taken to keep patients protected should they need to make a physical visit.
  • New utilizations of telemedicine/telecommunication technology.    

Don’t Take Advantage Of Anxiety

It will not be uncommon to see certain website blogs try to whip their readers into a frenzy by capitalizing on the dark cloud of fear looming over everyone’s head.  However, being an alarmist and sharing false and frightening information just to drive engagement will not help your practice in the long run.  Patients will remember any questionable tactics used in these times of uncertainty, and it can stop them from choosing you when they are in need in the future.    

Tips On Avoiding Illness

Everyone has a current responsibility to help flatten the curve and keep COVID-19 at bay.  There are many measures that can be taken to do this, and sharing them is an excellent idea for a website blog.  Providing reliable information regarding their health that patients and clients can trust will enforce the idea that you care about their well being, no matter the circumstance.  At Prescription PR, our experts will help you convey this notion.   

Plan For The Future

Eventually, our lives will start to become normal again. Taking the early steps to plan for this now can put you one step ahead of the competition.  Letting potential patients know now what they can look forward to from you once this subsides can have them flocking to your doors when it’s safe to do so. Our team at Prescription PR can help create blogs to highlight things such as:

  • Any changes to branding that you envision.
  • New equipment that your practice will begin utilizing.
  • Additions made to your staff.
  • Location changes.
  • Expansion efforts.

Staying Fit

With gyms closed and stay-at-home orders under full effect in many states, many people do not know how to stay active and healthy without their previous routine.  Now is the perfect time to share blogs regarding tips on staying in shape and ideas for at-home workouts.  Why not come up with a workout plan and share it with the masses?  Once again, doing so will show your commitment to keeping people both happy and healthy.     

Give The People What They Want!

Although a medical blog is specifically written for the patient’s eyes, it is important to not ignore the role it plays in your SEO strategy! What are prospective patients and industry-related information-seekers looking for online? Semantic search phrases at the simplest level can be found in Google’s Related Search feature or more advanced within Google’s Keyword Planner via Google AdWords.

For example, in a simple search for ankle pain, Google provided us with related searches with high search volume. These key phrases make for excellent blog topics.


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Prescription PR

At Prescription PR, we strive to help businesses and practices reach their full potential.  Now more than ever, marketing will help you either sink or swim.  While crafting a sublime website blog strategy may not be your forte, our staff has much experience with this.  For more information on utilizing a website blog throughout COVID-19, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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